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    Republic Gunship

    Does anyone know if the Republic Gunship is going to be released on the 23rd? I can't seem to find any reported sightings of this vehicle.

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    It's not coming out until this fall, along with the Arena Playset. I believe that the Acklay also has been pushed back to the fall to coincide with the release of the Playset.

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    Thanks for the info Jar Jar
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    A shame too, it's one of the best E2 toys so far. The Acklay is pretty cool also, too bad the Reek is getting released instead of this.
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    Is this the Lego version or the Hasbro one. I've seen the Lego one at a Customer service booth at W-M. Boy, it's friggin huge! Probably $90 like the EP1 Pod Race set.
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    The Hasbro Republic Gunship at Toy Fair was an unfinished prototype, I believe. We won't be seeing what it REALLY looks like for a while.
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    Still, the Toy Fair version looked really cool, IMO. I think I might get a few of these things, and have a full fledged squadron of Clonetroopers invade my shelves.

    Definately one of the cooler vehicles I've seen in Star Wars for a while, IMO.
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