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    I must also agree with Emperor Jargo, this is the main reason why I think "The Clone Wars" would be an inappropriate title for Ep2. The movie won't be about the wars, it'll be about Anakin and Padme. Their friendship turning into love then the tragedy of having it all come crashing down in Ep3.
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    Which begs the question, why that title to the movie? Still seems pretty odd to me to use the clones in the title when they aren't really what the movie is about. you could say that TPM wasn't really about TPM but it was. That was a clever title that alluded to Anakin being TPM. Everyone takes it to mean Sidious or Maul but Anakin is really TPM. So, with episode one having a clever title, why the hash with this new one? All that "hearkens back" nonsense doesn't wash with me. it's too easy an excuse. The title is absolutely meaningless as from all the rumours we've had, the clones are on the side of the republic and it's the droids who are doing the attacking again. The clones show up to save the day and rescue the Jedi and our heroes or at least help them out of a s****y mess. So how is that an attack? Or is Lucas getting nostalgic about the random titling of serial dramas from the thirties? when an episode was titled before they had even made it just so they had something to entice the audience back with.
    i fear for the credibility of this movie what with the awful additional stuff we now get on the episode one DVD. Some of the footage from the actual theater release was farcical and seemed like it was included to amuse the staff at Lucasfilm and Lucas himself not a paying audience. In jokes are fine on a low budget movie but this is a big project with big numbers of fans globally. it seems like the Lucas team are just bored and messing around to get noticed by putting all the visual gags in the background in a most unsubtle way. On the OT, the in jokes were hiden so that only the crew knew what to look for. they had respect for their project back then. These newer team members seem clueless and disrespectful of the fact that they are working on an iconoclastic saga that means so much to so many.
    Maybe Lucas himself is just bored. he says he just wants to get these movies done so he can go on to other projects...... so why did he start this trilogy of prequels if he was bored already?
    Something doesn't add up to me. Something smells a little sour. I just hope it doesn't curdle and turn rancid.

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    In my opinion the title does not refer to a singular attack at a point in the film. I think it refers to what the introduction of cloned soldiers into the politically chaotic Republic means to both sides of the conflict.

    This is just a guess, but if the Confederacy spent a large amount of time and effort to create a superior army of droid soldiers, and they are stomped out by the clones in the first battle of The Clone Wars, then perhaps the Confederacy would see the light and build their military out of clones as well.

    Whether or not that happens the introduction of the clones brings about changes that could be perceived as an attack upon the fabric of the Republic itself. The Jedi, who have served as it's peacekeepers for millennia are pushed out of their role by the mass produced soldier. A conflict that was messy to begin with turns into a full on war between Galactic Republic, and the Confederacy of independent systems. The value of human life is quantified, and reduced to how quickly a warm body can be placed onto a battlefield. And eventually Palpatine uses the strife to create the most oppressive governing body the galaxy has ever seen. It all starts when the clones are used to pull the collective arse of the Jedi out of the fire that Obi Wan's investigation brought about.

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    As much as I like your reasoning on this, somehow I can't see Georgie writing that much depth into it. I think it's just sloppy and lazy titling to be frank. A mere whim on a monday morning after a few too many glasses of cheap plonk the night before.

    Rick: "uh, george, we need the title for the merchandising meeting at noon. did you think of one yet?

    George: " Aw nuts my head hurts! What - meeting? merchandise? Those 'little' people remind me of damn clones with their personal organisers and cell phones and deadlines to meet crap. hang on... Hmmm. They're gonna attack me for creating a really weak title... hang on, GOT IT! ow...... Attack of the damn merchandiser clones...... get me an alka seltzer rick......"

    Rick: Wow! Genius george. you're a visionary, a true hero to the American people... No - to the people of the entire world! Attack of the clones, We'll call it ATTACK OF THE CLONES... It's so retro, so now, so chic! Can I keep my job please george...?"
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    Talking LOL

    Thanks Jargo,

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    plonk = cheap wine of the vinegar variety. the kind only the ignorant will drink and think classy. the type that's only good for cooking with.
    Sorry, i should have explained as it's a British slang word.

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    Watsch what shoo shay about plonkkkkkkkk

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