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    Wink whats the supposed plot for AOTC

    what is supposed to happen or hasn't there been any fake script written yet...

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    It's about the clone wars and Anakin and Padme/Amidala explore their relationship more.

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    From what I understand it's about the events leading up to the Clone Wars. That war involving clones doesn't actually begin until the end of the movie.

    I think the brunt of the Clone Wars will take place between Ep2 and Ep3. While some might be disappointed that we may never see the Clone Wars at their height, I don't really have a problem with this prospect.

    Ep2 will be a love story according to GL, so take your girlfriend and prepare for a night of passion shortly thereafter.
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    Uhh...I think we can expect the love story, to stay along the lines of Han and Leia's in 'Empire'! I agree that the Clone Wars will begin towards the middle/end of Ep2, and will conclude towards the end of Ep3!

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    In shakespeares plays, all the major battles take place offstage because there is no need to show the whole thing when you can have it described in gory detail and much abridged by the major characters, who appear onstage from time to time to engage in much more interesting subplots.
    If Lucas uses this Greek play device perfected all those centuries ago and has the clone wars happen around Anakin, Padme and Obi-Wan, without showing us the boring part he'll make much more of it than if all we got was millions of clones slugging it out for two hours.
    The inner battle that anakin faces is ultimately what these next two movies are about and they will focus mostly on that. the clone war will be secondary to any main character action. but in the echos of other great movies like Gone with the wind which used the American civil war as a backdrop to a love story. A greater mythos will be forged.

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    ki adi mundi's bro, if you're interested, I have a script treatment I got from, that's basically a compilation of all supposedly leaked dialogue, action scenes and so forth, it's pretty lenghty and was enough to get me excited over the new movie. Even if it's not exactly what the movie will be, I'm willing to bet it's got the basics covered. It's in .doc format on my Microsoft Word, and I would be happy to send you a copy, if you're interested, email me at

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    There is also a scriptment on

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    yeah, actually I think it's the same scriptment, or real close to it. Hi, redleader79! Good to see you posting here!

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    I think the clones attack...or something.
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    Emperor Jargo,

    I agree completely!!!
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