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    Carded Qui-Gon vs. Security Battle Droid pics.

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    Well, it's not loading at all for me. So if anyone wants to post the image here in the forums, I would greatly appreciate it. I have seen it loose, and I wish they would have released both this set and the Jar Jar vs. Destroyer Droid set.

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    I'm not getting anything through that link there.

    Also, this guy was scrapped, and in the http, it was under "mockup." Oh, what the E1 line could've been, had they not failed miserably.
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    Hmm seems to be down now.

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    I don't see why the didn't release it as a POTJ 2-pack, the MOTDS 2-pack was pretty cool, too bad they ruined it by releasing the Obi vs. Maul 2-pack first.
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    Okay... the site is STILL not working, apparently.
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    Now that I've seen it in the news section I don't think I would have bought it then and don't think I'll get this Qui-Gon now either. Just another boring resculpt with nothing extra than what was already released. Another one-pose wonder.
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    yep, probably wouldn't have bought it either
    the prototype painted version of qui looked much better


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