Well, since nothing is turning up in Orlando, I took a little road trip tonight. I headed east to Titusville Super Walmart. No luck there, so I ventured on to the Merrit Island Super Walmart. I lucked out there finding a case of TIE Bombers/Luke's Snowspeeder...at least until the very nice stock lady opened the case. The Snowspeeders are packed at the bottom of the case. This TOTALLY crushes the window part of the packaging. The TIEs were also a little worse for wear. The windows were ok, but the boxes all had pretty noticeable stress marks. If you are an opener, these are perfect, but if you're an anal retentive MIMB/MOMC collector like me, you'd probably be a little disappointed. Luckily for my kids, I wanted to get an opener set for them anyway, so they'll be overjoyed in the morning. Oh yeah, they also had the Preschool sets. These are very very cool. I'll probably buy them eventually, but tonight I passed.
I made one last stop hoping to find something AOTC, so I headed south on A1A to the Eau Gallie Walmart. More Preschool toys, but nothing else....except for 3 Zutton with the newly deco'd head. Good luck and happy hunting.