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    Question Pegwarmer B-Wings?

    Just wondering if these will likely go on sale soon. In the past few weeks that I've gone to several Targets, there's always at least a couple in each store (6 at most that I found). Yesterday, I found one store that had at least 18 of them. Today another store that I went to had six of them. Is this happening in your area?
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    Yes. There were 17 at last count at my local Target (West LA). My other Target has them in the back 5 or 6 cases of them. I would clearance those immediately. I am sure everyone has picked one up by now as it has been about a month or so since their arrival.

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    Good lord no! The shelf at my Target has been empty for a few weeks. Either they are getting them in and selling out immediately, or it's a waste of space.

    On the other hand...clearance B-Wings is a grand idea...

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    The Target that I got mine only had three minus the one I got. I hope they put them on clearence I could ues another.
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    Does your Target have a suggestion box? Just suggest they send all dem B-Wings to other states!
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    I had heard that there would be a $34.99 sale, instead of the penny less than $40 price tag, but I decided to pick one up and just ask for my $5 credit later. Still a-waitin' on that thar sale...
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    I hate Target for all those stupid sales. It's hard enough getting the stupid exclusive but then Target screws with our heads and says "oh...wait, you could have gotten it for X amount". Target sucks all the way.

    But I loves the exclusives!
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    I bought mine in the local SW store (No target) almost 2 weeks ago. They still have 2 more to sell. The shipment they recieved consisted of 6 B-wings. So it seems it is a Peg Warmer.
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    I too have encountered this trend. I bought all three I found when they were initially released, one for Sith Worm and two to keep on hand as future trade fodder (I was hopeful to trade one for a TIE Bomber which I will almost certainly be unable to find myself). Now I have discovered that they are plentiful and my investment will almost certainly be for naught (though I may be able to trade one for an Eopie/Qui-Gon Beast Pack. Hopefully the TRU exclusives will prove as plentiful, they certainly have no shortage of 12" Dewbacks! The only one I REALLY want is the TIE Bomber.
    It is rather ironic that the top secret number that may or may not have worked at your local Target to get a B-Wing in your hands early has proved nothing more than a novel footnote in the history of Star Wars toy exclusives. I'm glad I could not find the compulsion to persue that at the time, then found them with no problem the "release" weekend anyway.

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    Yep...Warming the shelves (they don't display them on pegs ) here in Victorville. And the boxes are starting to get smashed.
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