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    Originally posted by Darth Ovori
    I think it was in a graphic novel, that linked ANH to ESB... It must have been 4 years ago...

    I'll never forget cause it also had this stupid story where Vader sat in a mind controlling machine, trying to lure Luke towards the Empire...

    However SW is GL work, he should control what the authors write outside the movie line...
    Yavin was never destroyed. Luke established the Jedi Academy there back in Kevin J. Andersons sucky Jedi Academy Trilogy. Those were published about 1992 so the graphic novel you speak of couldn't have been only 4 years ago. The only EU source I can think of where they might have said Yavin was destroyed is the old Marvel comics because I never read them. But nothing happened to the planet in any recent fiction....

    ...until the Yuzhan Vong. They took over Yavin in one of the recent New Jedi Order novels. But Jedi Outcast obviously takes place before any of the events in the New Jedi Order books so it still fits.
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    I haven't even been keeping up with that Yuuzhan VOng nonsense. There's far too many of those New jedi Order books, and the story's only half over...

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    Actually, I find the New Jedi Order books very good. It's been a very refreshing mix to the SW universe. Out of all of them, maybe one or two have been kinda flakey, but the rest have been excellent. I suppose one mans trash is anothers treasure

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    I haven't even been keeping up with that Yuuzhan VOng nonsense. There's far too many of those New jedi Order books, and the story's only half over...
    Me either really. That just goes to show how much of a Star Wars sucker I am I'll admit some of the NJO books have been pretty neat, but I don't like a lot of the new characters that they focus on. Jacen and Jaina are interesting in small doses, but I've never liked Anakin. And Tahiri just plain bothers me for some reason.

    The problem is that the whole series is supposed to introduce us to the younger cast, so they tend to just ignore the older characters like Luke and Leia. I was really excited when I read the back of the most recent book and it mentioned Luke going on a quest to Coruscant, but then I find out that he has Tahiri tagging along and I lost interest.

    The stories of Han and Droma though were a lot of fun. I was sad to see him go.
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    Is it just me or is the New Jedi Order books killing off all the main characters?
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    Who besides Chewbacca and Anakin Solo has been killed off?

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    I recently got in touch with my friend that has the comic, O.K. I made half a mistake, Yavin was not destroyed but the rebel base and most of the terrian was wiped out...

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    There are a few books in the NJO series that weren't exactly great, but taken as a whole I think the series is awesome! There's so much character development and intrigue and ACTION going on that I honestly can't see how any Star Wars fan that has kept up with this series wouldn't LOVE them! I highly recommend them even to non Star Wars fans. These books are great even when taken on their own, as pure science fiction!

    I think the Yuuzhan Vong are awesome, and a lot of the newer characters are great if you take the time to see them develop. Ganner Rhysode being a real standout in that sense.

    Just look closer! I'm sure you'll enjoy. Even if you refuse to see them as being part of continuity.

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    Wasn't the jedi academy luke established on "Yavin 4" and Yavin 4 was one of "Yavin's moons? i dunno

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    Yavin is a gas giant. Yavin 4 is where the Academy's also where the rebel base was in ANH.


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