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    Which figures will you NOT be buying 23/4?

    So we've seen the lists for what's coming out and most of us have muttered about what we'll be picking up and why. What i want to know is which figures are going to pegwarn straight off.
    By which I mean the figures you consider to be a waste of time and not worth plonking cash down for.

    My list is thus:

    Anakin outland peasant
    Padme arena
    Obi-Wan Coruscant chase
    Shaak Ti
    Kit Fisto
    Battle droid
    Saesee Tiin
    Plo koon
    Anakin hangar duel
    Deluxe Obi
    Deluxe Jango
    Deluxe Tyranus
    Deluxe Mace
    Jedi starfighter
    Lightsabers of any description
    12 inch figures
    Any other random products

    Which cuts down on the money lay out considerably. :happy:

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    You're not getting any Jedi figures??? Luminaro, Nikto and Shaak Ti are, like, the best figures out of the bunch.

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    I won't be buying Anakin Peasant, Padme Arena, Jango Fett Kamino, Deluxe Jango, Tusken Female, C-3PO, and R2-D2. I hope to get the rest of them.
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    Can't stand the Jedi. Much prefer the ordinary aliens like Dexter and Taun We. They'll fit in anywhere but the Jedi are way too scene specific and ludicrously posed and have crappy gimmicks. A waste of time and money IMO. I may buy one or two if they hit clearance but otherwise not.

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    [Inside Jargo's room afterwards]

    Dexter: Where is everyone else?
    Taun We: I dunno. Want to clone extras?
    [Dexter heads over to a light switch]
    Dexter: With or without the cloning tube?

    Depending on what's released, I probably will be waiting a little to get Padme, Anakin, and some other super-gimmick figures. Mostly due to money, instead of trying to get all the figures at once I'll just get what I want first then complete later. :happy:
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    I think its easier for me to post the ones that I will be buying:

    Mace Windu (Deluxe)
    Count Dooku (Dark Lord)
    Anakin Skywalker (Hangar Duel)
    Kit Fisto (Jedi Master)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase)
    Plo Koon (Arena Battle)
    Shaak Ti (Jedi Master)
    Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
    Clone Trooper (Commander) x2
    Saesee Tin (Jedi Master)
    Luminara Unduli (Jedi Master)
    Slave 1
    Jedi Starfighter

    Everything else not on that list means that it will not be worth my money or my time.
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    Depends on fundage, I only budgeted out for 14-19 and now we are getting about 27. So, I will get what I can afford, and the rest can wait for the next paycheck. I'll just pick up my favorites that day, and get the rest later. I'm only gonna go for figures on the 23rd, vehicles and beasts can wait til later.

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    It will also be easier for me to make a list of what I'm buying...

    Jango, Kamino
    Jango, Final battle
    Royal guard, porbably as many as I can of this one...
    Deluxe Mace
    Count Dooku
    Plo Koon
    Clone Commander

    Hoping for the Bespin duo of Luke and Vader, but those I believe are for the 3Q.

    As for the rest, a big miss from me...

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    I will be buying one each of all the figs, vehicles, and beast. I am most excited about the 12'' Ultimate Jango Fett!

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    Hmmm, but there are tons of threads for what people wil be buying, my reason for starting this thread was so that if anyone from hasbro was reading, it would make plain what's not popular so they can refrain from producing more of the same. Maybe I should have been a bit clearer in my thread opener.


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