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    Lightbulb CTC Stormtroopers for Trade

    I've got MOC CTC Stormtroopers that I would be willing to trade one-for-one on any of the following figures;
    1) R2-B1 6x
    2) TC-14 2x
    3) Naboo Royal Guards 6x

    Card condition doesn't matter as long as the figures and accessories are mint. Prefer to deal with multiples to save on shipping. If you've got these but don't need the CTC Stormies, email me your wants and I'll check if I've got them.
    SSG Dioramas Editor
    ACPin Star Wars Webmaster

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    Smile stormtroopers

    Hi, would you be willing to sell these? I need a bunch of stormtroopers...let me know


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    Sorry, I'd rather trade than sell.
    SSG Dioramas Editor
    ACPin Star Wars Webmaster


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