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    AOTC/Saga case assortment list?

    Does anyone have one? You see, I'm just a poor teenager without a job (till summer) and I plan on getting the figures that are going to be rarer (NOT TO PROFIT FROM) just so I can wait a few months until some of the pegwarmers are down to 1.98.
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    See the case assortment thread for Hasbro Saga. You can use the Forum Jump selector below.
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    Dar' Argol just posted it. Check it out!

    Seems that Count Dooku will be the one to get on 4/23, as he's only in one assortment for the time being.
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    Proves my theroy that he was quickly slipped into the mix when the realized that he really was a necissary figure for the 23rd. Which also means that alot of stores that got their cases along time ago, and haven't gotten any new cases yet for the 23rd won't have the Dooku wave or the Taun We wave.

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