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    Slave Leia Freeze Frame???? Rare??

    Hello all, I havent seen a Freeze Frame version of the Leia-Jabba's prisoner listed anywhere...Is this a rare item or what?
    Anyone know?

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    I don't think it's rare. When it first came out, collectors would have killed for her. She was really never a peg warmer, but not rare where I live (southern CA) I have a few, If you want one, let me know? The real rare FF would be from col#3 Like Weequay, AT-ST driver, Fett, Sandtrooper etc..
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    I have one, but I opened it. I used to see them at KB Toys awhile ago for $2.99.
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    It's not rare. It never warmed the pegs, but it was around.
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    Yup, what they said.

    Some price guides may have listed it differently like Slave Leia, Enslaved Princess Leia, or Leia as Jabba's Prisoner. They're all the same though. She was a tough find during the first release and uncommon (but not rare) on the FF card.

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    I think by the time the FF version was released, most people had one from the first release. I didn't notice them flying off the pegs that fast either, sure they weren't pegwarmers but they were readily available.

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    The .01 FF w/ 'Marie' misspelling is the rarer of the two FF variations - the other is on a .02 cardback with correct 'Marae' spelling.

    However, both of these are neither rare nor common. I guess they would be uncommon.

    Check SSG price guide to see how rare they rate this figure. . .my guess is probably a three or four. I am leaning towrds three.
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