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    HoloNet News: Birth of the TIE Fighter

    The latest issue of Holonet news has a story about Sienar Systems, and it's new advanced Twin Ion Engine Design. Well, that does finally answer the question about when the TIE fighters came about. Hopefully that means we will see the prototypes or the first ones off the assembly line in use in Episode III. I love how it mentions that that power-yield compatibility issues with current hyperdrive, life-support and shielding technologies may prove prohibitive. Another explanation as to why most TIE's have none of those features.

    Successful Engine Tests Cause Sienar Stock Surge

    LOLA CURICH, LIANNA - Republic Sienar Systems announced their endorsement and adoption of the Sienar Advanced Systems' twin ion engine design early this morning, clearing the way for mass production and purchase by governing bodies within the worlds of the Republic.

    "Never before has such a radical approach to engine design passed all of our safety and performance requirements in its initial evaluation," said an enthusiastic Etab Lapha, Quality Assurance Investigator for RSS. "It's hard to believe that this is a first-generation product."

    News of the approval gave Santhe/Sienar Technologies (SST) stock an immediate 27.58 credit (14%) gain. The office of Lady Valles Santhe indicated that the company president was "pleased" with the day's results.

    The new twin ion engine technology (dubbed "SIE-TIE"), which utilizes microparticle accelerators to agitate ionized gasses to relativistic velocities, features independently articulated ion stream deflector manifolds for pinpoint maneuvering accuracy, and supplements power yields through a set of solar gather panels, is the brainchild of engineer Raith Sienar. The wealthy and unorthodox inventor is believed to have increased his net worth by another 640 million credits with today's stock increase.

    While RSS gave no specific details on incorporation of the twin ion engine in to their existing line of starships, reports indicate that power-yield compatibility issues with current hyperdrive, life-support and shielding technologies may prove prohibitive.

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    I love the HOLONET News!
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    I'm not partial to EU, but I really do enjoy Holonet news. Its like a big AOTC preview! Did you know Aks Moe died in an explosion?
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