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    Question Time

    What time do they start putting out the figures on the 22nd-23rd? Does anyone know?!?!

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    Midnight between the 22nd and 23rd, of course!!!! (evil laugh)

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    You're evil.
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    They will put them out once the store closes. Then at midnight it is a race to the aisle.
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    The Wal-Mart in my town is open 24-hours so I would assume that they will start putting the figures out around 10:30 or 11:00 PM. Then keep a couple of attack dogs at hand to hold off any impatient fans.

    My real question is, what would happen if the President of Wal-Mart said "screw this" and told all of his stores to put them out whenever they wanted? Surely Lucasfilm wouldn't pull the figures and liscense from every Wal-Mart in the country! Lucas would lose millions of dollars in revenue, and it would probably put Hasbro into bankruptcy!
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    I just learned my local WM put out all of their stuff two weeks ago and sold everything. Of course, I was nowhere to be seen. But I was told that there was not a lot of stuff, so I hope they have been getting many more shipments.

    It's also a 24 hour store, I haven't even found out yet if they will have them out by midnight. I guess I wouldn't mind waiting until morning, but I liked the experience of '99 and I want it again ! ! !

    If they are to be ready by midnight, I'm sure they will start stocking it around 10 or 11. My friends and I hope to watch them set up.

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    I got news yesterday that my WM will "Put up the figures whenever they feel like it"...which better be the 23rd at 7 am at the latest.
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    Is Wal-Mart guaranteed to have them out at midnight.......

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    Yes, if they're participating in Midnight Madness...but basically every walmart in the world has received these figures, and the boxes all said "Do not shelf until 4/23." Of course, lots of zit-faced, pre-pubescent stockboys chose not to heed that advice...and hence, we have chaos.

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