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    JediHunter25 is right, there is more to SW than collectibles. 'nuff said!

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    Well, so far the general Star Wars news will stay... but don't expect news like, "SSG Reviews Changing Lanes" just because a Star Wars actor was in it. We will however start reviewing collectibles.
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    Ben Affleck was in Star Wars ?

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    Wow, I totally didn't think anybody was reading our non-collectibles news. I'm glad to see I was wrong.
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    I haven't posted many things, but I've been visiting the site at least once a day (excluding weekends because of my snail-like home internet connection) for many years. This is the best star wars site out there for a collector. I have to agree with the others: if you take away the non-collecting news, we'll miss a big part of the whole star wars experience. I love everythings has done.

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    I don't post much either, but I come here once a day after work at minimum to get all the news, figure and prequel. It is presented excellently on this site and I would be very disappointed if this just reported on collectibles. I would still visit of course, but I would be disappointed.

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    I also don't post much but I have been signed up on here since this new version forum started, and have been visiting SSG ever since a got the internet on my computer some time ago. I personally think you should keep the site as it is with the prequel news on it, but if you have to change it, why not just make two sections on the site? On efor the collecting side, one for the news part.
    What do you think?

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    Don't change a thing Steve

    Don't change a a thing Steve, I'm afread of change. One thing I would like is report about once a month on errors and variation that people find. I mean lets have a link on the front page where we can post photos and they stay there.
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    i vote no this is to me the only site for star wars and the only site i go to every time i get on-line and the first thing i do when i go on line is look at this site than my mail and other than sites with figures for sell i dont go any other star wars sites

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    kick *** site, keep doing what your doing.

    My vote is Def No.


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