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    St. Louis, MO - AOTC finds at Kohl's

    If you can't wait until next week, here is what I found today...

    Bridgeton Store

    Mini puzzles
    Several to choose from

    Game of Life - Star Wars Edition

    Collection 1 Action Figures @ $8.99 each...Ouch!!
    Kit Fisto
    Jango Fett

    All four deluxe figures @ $10.99 each
    Mace Windu
    Darth Tyrannus
    Jango Fett

    Bounty Hunter Pursuit
    Jango Fett's Slave I
    Tusken Raider Encounter
    Republic Gunship (BIG and expensive!)

    Creve Couer Store

    Vehicles @ $15.99 each
    Zam's Speeder
    Anakin's Speeder

    St. Peter's Store

    Bounty Hunter Pursuit
    Jango Fett's Slave I
    Tusken Raider Encounter
    Republic Gunship

    The packaging of a majority of the items I found were damaged...creased cards, dented windows (vehicles), etc. Plus the stuff is pricey compared to Wal*Mart and the like. I keep items in the package, so all of it is there for the taking!!! I am waiting for next week!!!

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    $8.99. Must wait. Only 7 days. If I keep saying it, I might be ok. Wait, there is a Kohl's on manchester. I will even have to pass it today. And I don't care about ripped packages. And friday is payday.....

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    i just walked out of a kohl's with nothing. oh, they had ATOC figures, but they were, get this, $9.64 for basic collection 2 figures. crazy!

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    At least they had some AOTC figures at your Kohl's. I went this morning to the one in Parma, OH (outside of Cleveland,Oh.) and found NOTHING!!! MUST WAIT TILL THE 23RD!!!! Happy Hunting......

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    I went and

    I left empty handed also. The Obi-wan 's (deluxe and chase) looked awful. So did Anakin and Padme. The paint was flat out pathetic. Kamino Jango and Kit Fisto looked ok, but not for $8.99. I came close to buying the speeders, but figured they would be available for $3 cheaper next week.

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    Funny, I was at the Bridgeton store today as well, sometime around noon. I did buy the only Deluxe Tyranus/Mace Windu on the shelf at that time.

    $10.99 versus $9.99 - I can handle
    $8.99 versus $5.99 - I'll wait a week

    I did stop by the Creve Coeur store as well, but did not see any of the speeders mentioned earlier.

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    Kohl's in O'fallon had AOTC figs, deluxe, and the Starfighter. They also had the Life game, the speeder legos and the big lego set (the name escapes me right now) I left empty handed. I can wait a week and save some money. $8.99? Yeah, right!
    Did they have any Oompa Loompas?

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    The Kohl's here in Michigan has nothing....Should I ask?

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    It certainly wouldn't hurt to try, but unless you haven't seen them in-hand yet, I'd wait and buy elsewhere.

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    Walgreens on Big Bend has all of Coll. 1, Wave 1 and all the Deluxe figures as of 9:00pm tonight. Standard figures are $6.99, ??? on Deluxe. Every standard figure backing card was trashed.

    Picked up my first standard - Jango : Kamino. Not bad. Although I will say that this was my first opportunity to actually look at each figure up close, and I must say, C-3PO looks like ****! That may be the first "new" figure (since 1995) that I pass on.


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