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    What catches your eye when looking for figures?

    Really just seeing them catches my eye. I buy them all, but what about you people out there that collect only a certain few or amount or kind? What makes you buy the figures that you do? Why is that figure(s) so unique to you?
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    I look for detail in the face mostly. Overall sculpt is important, but the likenessnes are what really gets me excited over a figure. Army builders are always cool in multiple quanities, so long as they are somewhat posable. The Commtech stormies were by far the best. Hopefully the Red Clonetrooper (and if we're lucky..yellow) will be similar to the CT Stormies in articulation.

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    I buy them all too. If there is more than one of the same figure, I'll check and buy the one with the least sloppy paint. I have a Hoth Leia (fan club exclusive) that has dark brown paint on her face.
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    Any droids I'll get or any kind of bad buy, i.e., Imperial, stormie, sith. I try to stay away from resculpts like Daffy Duck Maul or Mechanakin.
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    Detail, articulation, features, playability, likeness, accessories (can never have too many extra weapons and misc. junk), and availabilty. Not always in the same order but about that.
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    First off I look for specific characters, then it has to be a decent sculpt of that character. However, the final deciding factor is the paint job. Especially on the face. If I can't find a good paint job then I won't buy the figure no matter how much I want him or her.

    I'm not sure if anyone else notices this; but certain stores get well painted figures more often than others. I've noticed that Wal-Marts and Targets tend to get figures with good paint jobs much more often than TRUs.
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    Well, I know what I'm looking for before I hit the stores, thanks to my online perusing habits. Usually though, anything that's not a Ketwol catches my eye these days.

    I mostly like big figures, though. Like the deluxe figs, Dexter, and the upcoming Ephant Mon. Something that fills the bubble up catches my eye more so than a small figure.
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    Re: What catches your eye when looking for figures?

    Originally posted by Jedi_Rainman
    What catches your eye when looking for figures?
    Actually finding them.

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    Figures I don't have yet!!!

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    i look for jedi, i'm a big jedi man.
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