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    Don't know if anyone is interested but the Super Wal-Mart on 41 in Acworth had the following:

    Star Wars LIFE
    Star Wars Stratego
    Star Wars: Epic Duels Game
    Star Wars: Jedi Unleashed Game

    Obi-Wan 150 pc. Metallic Puzzle
    Anakin 150 pc. Metallic Puzzle
    Dooku 150 pc. Metallic Puzzle
    Mace Windu 150 pc. Metallic Puzzle

    Obi-Wan 100 pc. Puzzle
    Anakin 100 pc. Puzzle
    Padme 100 pc. Puzzle
    Jango Fett 100 pc. Puzzle

    And all of the LEGO sets which they have had for awhile.
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    Found all of the FX-7 wave at the TRU in Kennesaw...only needed a Tantive IV Trooper and there were a few of each left right before closing.
    "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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    The TRU in Douglasville has all 4 Preview Figures,and AT-ST's(had about six when I went this morning).

    Also,Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville has Aurra Sing Masterpiece Edition for $19.99.

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    spoiler screenplay

    i know this isnt an update on figs but if anyone wants to read the screenplay now go to this link while its still up

    everything I have read seems legit about this and I have no reason to doubt this source
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    new figs

    well after reading over the screenplay I feel better knowing that
    there probably wont be more than one jar jar or sidious fig to collect this time around although that damn sio bibble is there
    im still trying to find a swimming jar jar, sio and a holo sidious from the first movie at a decent price
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    I checked the Super WalMart on 41 twice over the weekend, to no avail. Nothing. I must say I have been so happy listening to the Ep II soundtrack. I downloaded the whole thing at work in less than 10 minutes. It's great. Has anyone else heard it?

    Wow, Maybe that's $15 that I WON'T spend on April 23...

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    I found the Episode II cereal at the Wal-Mart in Hiram and they also had boxes of the deluxe figs on a pallet as well as something called a Jango Fett space shooter. The Wal-Mart in Kennesaw also had the deluxe figs but they also had the Droid Blaster as well. I didn't pick any these up because I really don't care for them but they probably wouldn't have sold them anyway.
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    Thanks for the heads up GeneralKenobi,I found Ep2 cereal at Walmart in Hiram.I didn't see any deluxe figures though(I guess they put them away).Also found EP2 Lays chip bags at the Publix in Douglasville.

    On another note,I also went to the Target in Hiram and there was no more Star Wars product on the shelves.This must be from fear of selling items before 4/23.I was very disapointed to think they would just pull everything off the shelves rather than find out what can and can't be sold yet.It shouldn't be that hard to find would think.But,we've only got a week to go!!!!

    Being someone who hasn't found any EP2 stuff(besides sneak preview figs)I am very excited.


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    stuff in Newnan

    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    QLD,Just wondering have you anything to report say around Newan?I'm not far from there and go up there from time to time. There isn't a whole lot here in Lagrange.
    Hey...About stuff to do in Newnan, I just got back from KMart here and they have ALL the new Ep2 figures, vehilcles, 12" toys, and a bunch of other Ep2 crap. Go check it out!

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    YO! I found a bucket load of episode 2 figs at the Newnan KMart! Unfortunately I only had the money to buy 5, but if anyone wants to make the trek to the boonies, they had an entire wall full of them, not to mention some 12" figures as well as Anakin's Lightsabre, The Ep2 Slave 1, and whatever that other Jedi ship is. They all kick bootay! Thought you all would like to know. PEACE


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