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    I have found everything.

    And again, welcome back Howdy.

    I found the Han, Chewie, and Obi at KB toys.
    I haven't looked for the deluxe wave, but I think I won't have trouble finding them when I do look.

    I ordered Palpy and Djas Puhr from KB's website, so I am pretty much set.

    I think the Han looks more like Jeff Bridges than Han Solo......but it could just be me.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Found Pilot Obi-Wan at the Wal-Mart in Woodstock Friday morning, and the Acklay at the Wal-Mart on 41 in Acworth later that afternoon. The Han I got looks really close and he isn't crosseyed either.
    "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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    I headed up to woodstock today but found nothing again
    I did find a flesh stump luke but some jack *** had torn the
    bubble off the card
    next time you find something gen ken give me a ring
    7 3785146
    that way a least i can hit the stores sooner than later

    " He's no good to me dead! "


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    No problem Fett...will do...let me know what to look out for you...the only thing I'm missing at the moment is Cloud City Capture Chewie so I might run across something you need. E-mail me if you need me to look for anything.
    "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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    well I came up empty handed again on any new figs
    did see the acklay at target
    thanks gen ken for offering to help in my searches
    I need chewey, obi, palpy, geo massiff
    I scored the deluxe jango and endor soldier and qui off kb online
    that site is awesome
    I picked up the jango for 49
    this is the best 12" EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant believe I havent torn mine out of the package yet
    it is so beautifully done
    if this doesnt revive the 12" line nothing will
    I am greatly disappointed in all the 12" AOTC figs except the mace
    how about a new 12" angry yoda to go with the dooku thats coming out?
    " He's no good to me dead! "


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    Return of the Idiot

    Hello my old Atlanta collector friends. I'm not sure if you all will remember me but for a short time last year I posted here regularly as Broke Collector $$$. Shortly thereafter I moved to the state of New Jersey, (one of the most idiotic mistakes of my life) and I have now returned. New Jersey was one of the most awful places to live for many reasons, not the least of which is the difficulty in collecting Star Wars figures.

    From where I lived the nearest Walmart was 40 minutes away and the nearest Target was 40 minutes in the opposite direction. I ended up doing most of my collecting at the KB Toys at the mall nearby which means I paid entirely too much for most of the things I bought. Plus the empolyees there were most unhelpful and, well, in a word... rude. Go figure.

    Anyway, I moved back to the Atlanta area this past weekend. That's right!!! I'm back in the land of a million Walmarts!!! And I can't be happier. I've signed up again for the forums but some sap has taken Broke Collector $$$ and nearly every variation of it. So I took the Prince route and I am now Formerly Known As Broke Collector.

    So what's the staus of the SW collecting world in Atl? I'm pretty much up to date on all the figures. Last figures I paid entirely too much for in NJ were Han and Chewie. The card on my Chewie is bent up pretty badly but it's the only one I've seen (I bent my Wookie).

    It's good to be back!!!


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    12" Jango Fett???

    Hey I meant to ask earlier. I was up at the Times Square TRU in NYC recently and saw a 12" Jango Fett with removable armor. It was over 40 bucks at the time so I opted not to buy it. However, I haven't seen any elsewhere. Does anyone know if this is an exclusive or if it's just in really low supply? I haven't really heard much about it. Been out of the loop for a while. Thanks.

    Formerly Known As Broke Collector $$$

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    see my previous post

    kb toys online has the jango for 49 and its highly unlikely
    youre going to find it around atl with the worthless distribution
    we have seen all year
    " He's no good to me dead! "


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    The Super Wal-Mart on Mansell Road in Roswell has tons of Hans, Chewies, Pilot Obi-Wans, Djas Puhrs, and Palpatines. They have an entire endcap of primarily new figs.
    "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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    Stonecrest Mall KB had 2 -12" Ultimate Jangos left. I picked up the 3rd, and must say this is a masterpiece of a toy. With a little patience you can get all his accessories on. The shin guards on mine fit over his boots fine. Just had to pull 'em apart a little.


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