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    Cool B-Wings, and other goodies...

    Lawrenceville Target: 2 B-Wings, both case fresh, couple of 12" Bounty Hunters as of 1:30pm.

    Mall of GA Target - 3 B-Wings, all case fresh, 2 Snobis, 2 Qui Armour, Aurras, Blue Coruscant Guards, Mon Cals, and Gungans as of 2:30pm.

    Mall of GA TRU - Lots of army builders - Coruscant Guards, Mon Cals, K-3POs and Gungans, also 1 Sae-See Tinn, 2 Theed Amidalas. Simpsons Wave 5 figures here, as well.

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    There were 4 B-Wings at the Morrow/Mt. Zion Target as of 11:00 AM this morning.


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    Oh, for cryin' out loud......I'm about to have someone hide one for me........

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    There were 3 B-wings at the Target in Newnan Sat. 8/18 around 6 or 7 PM.I findly got mine so cool!Made my Wife drive home so I could look at it.Yes I took it out! I collect for me not for money in the future. They had a 12" 4 Lom too,but I didn't see any tinns though[QKL]sorry
    "I have a bad feeling about this".

    "Just when I remembered what it was,I forgot where I put it."

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    Is anyone going to Dragon-Con? To QKL if you still need SaeSee Tinn let me know, I can get you one.

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    Talking More B-Wings

    I won't go so far as to classify the B-Wing as a shelf warmer just yet, but I did see 3 on the shelves over at the Snellville Target today at around 1:30pm. 2 of the boxes had rips, but 1 was case fresh.

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    I've got a B-wing for you Emperor Howdy if you still need one.
    Who are you?
    Why are you?
    What do you want?

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    Thumbs up Attention Atlanta Collectors

    Not much action here on this board.

    Here's an open invitation to join your fellow Atlanta Area Collectors at The Atlanta STAR WARS Collectors Club, and at the Atlanta Collectors "Look What I Found" Forum

    All are welcome! Hope to see you there!

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    I would say there hasn't been much to report, until the newest waves start to hit.

    Howdy, do you still not have a B wing? I have seen them in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Dallas, and Cartersville this week. Each time, at least two. I hope you have one by now. Thanks for the avatar tip. My family was not amused at dinner...I substituted a cow for the chicken, so we could have hamburger at the same time! Since I didn't know the Mexican anthem, I sang, "the Sharks are gonna have their way tonight..."

    Thank you Obi-Don and gschilljr for watching for me. Randy might have one (TINN) for me, which would end a very long quest. If he doesn't, I'll let you know!!!

    I plan on going to DragonCon. Sansweet is supposed to have some EpII stuff he'll show. It might be the same stuff he presented at Connections, but it would be cool to see.

    If we don't meet there, we need to get a massive Atlanta Star Wars group at one theater for the Ep II premiere next year. We could buy a huge lot of seats in advance, and alert the media! (I am connected)

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    12" Lando...YES!! I definately still need one. Perhaps I'm being impatient (the Conyers Target hasn't gotten theirs yet...if there IS a yet), and I'm only finding empty slots at other Targets I go to. So, yes, please....hook me up!


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