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    Swung past the Stonecrest Mall on my way home from work tonight, nothing as usual.

    The McDonough Wal-Mart had a decent selection, I might get those new AFs. Can't wait to get the new Llama Su.

    Northlake TRU -- why do I even bother with them . . .

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    any new figs

    spotted in the ATL?
    " He's no good to me dead! "


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    new boba

    somehow i think lucas cares nothing of the collectors out there
    i cant find a damn r2 or vader to save my life and theyre going to release a boba now
    in this day and age it is futile to think one could ever have a complete collection
    any thoughts or findings or am i the only ATL geek on this board?
    " He's no good to me dead! "


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    I haven't seen a thing all year. I was looking forward to the new Unleashed stuff but I think that they've come and gone.
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    How about Howdy ?
    Has anyone seen Emperor Howdy ?

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    Anyone ?

    Well, it might help if you dig through the pegwarmers and look toward the back. Someone may have hidden him there to pick up later . . .

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    Im concerned. Where the heck's Howdy? Not banned again I hope.........

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    Hmm....maybe a little over-dramatic.......

    Sooooo, what do we have going on in the Atlanta area? Austell Target (East/West connecter) has a ton of A-wings. Also had Wat, Coleman, WA-7, and Lt. Dannnyinyinya Fattannoiyannaaniy..nni. As well as Yoda/Chian-Ashla/Jempa, which I just paid $26.11 for on Ebay. Stonecrest TRU/Conyers Target has many-o cinema scenes. That same TRU and Northlake's TRU has plenty of Ani/Tyranus speeder bikes.

    Ok, your turn......

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    Re: Atlanta Area Collectors

    I just thought I would dig up this thread. I haven't found much in Atlanta in ages. However, I confess to not looking that often. I am keeping an eye out for that spiffy General Lando though.
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