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    Hey! What a coincidence! did I!

    Also, my Tie Inter. good shape, and saved a lot of hunting around.

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    Where is everyone?

    12" Lando, do you still need Shmi and Obi-Wan?

    Q.L.D., scoring any hot college babes in Athens?

    Q.K.L.? Randy? Obi-Don? LooseToon? JESUS GOD, WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!

    Sorry for the dramatics...I've just always wanted to scream that.
    Last edited by Emperor Howdy; 10-14-2001 at 04:47 PM.

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    "Hello self"......."Hi self, what's new with you?"....."Funny you should ask, self. I just got a Tessek off of Ebay for $10."...."Wow, self...but why would you pay so much for a figure that just came out and will probably be warming the shelves for $5 on its next wave of releases?"......."I...errr...I don't know...impatience, I guess"....."Impatience, huh?....well I call it stupidity."......."Hey, self...back's really not that big'a deal."......"Oooooh self, I hiiiiiighly disagree. You are an idiot."....."You know what.....perhaps you'd like to step outside"......"No...I have a better idea. The dog is saying we should kill mom and dad. Whatdaya say?"......"I knew it! So the dog really IS a channel to space!".....

    (....and the fever began. Emperor Howdy, not willing to accept he was the only one left alive, began a disturbing dialogue with his own mind. What happened next? We'll just have to wait and see......)

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    I don't have anything to report or anything, but I thought I would put an end to Howdy's psycho-babbling.

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    Who sent you? Are you the Liquid Man? It's burning!!! (...begins to cuss at Q.L.D. in Vietnamese.....)

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    Howdy, you aren't alone.

    OK, you were for a while, but we all felt your pain.

    There just hasn't been much to talk about. The last wave of resculpts just wasn't very exciting. I actually haven't found the Vader yet, but am confident that it will appear in the NW suburbs before May, when we have a midnight madness sale like May 1999. I got X wing Luke with no articulation. Very disappointing. I found Han in a WalMart with 2 registers open and lines out the wazoo, so I put him down, and left. Haven't seen him since, and no big loss, since he is just another resculpt.

    As for the others, one of our posters had some exciting personal news, which he can announce if he chooses.

    I was working extra as the Braves had a good stretch of games, and then choked in the NLCS. Oh well. More time with my little girl, who turned 15 months yesterday. (Howdy, I remember how concerned you were about me being a good parent, not hunting for figs all the time.)

    I think the new packaging to be used next year absolutely sucks. Surely they will have Episode II AOTC more prominent on the card than just a sticker on the blister. I do like the blue color. The sculpt of Obi Wan looked very cool! What was the robot in there?

    I am rather geeked about the trailer coming out in 2 weeks.

    I hope our other comrades come back to post, if only every now and then. I know they'll be back when AOTC gets closer, as will the awesome toys!

    Howdy, you are not alone.

    (and if you are, keep your hands on the keyboard.)

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    Conyers Walmart: 12" Stormtrooper Han, D.S.T., and D.S.D. (in case anybody collects those dumb things....)

    Conyers Target: 2 B-wings/X-wing Luke wave (about 2 of each)

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    I found the deluxe figures at Electronics Boutique in Town Center Mall, Kennesaw.

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    Ah yes, indeed you did.....but did you buy them? Doesn't that place have the $15 price tag?

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    Hi everyone or should I say Howdy "Howdy". Sorry I haven't posted in here but there hasn't been much to post about for a while. I have everything that I could possibly get. I bought the Deluxe figures at my Wal-Mart last week or was it the week before. They had about 30 of each and they still have about 10-15 of each. They also had a ton of palm talkers but they just don't do anything for me. I guess seeing everything in abundance makes it not worthy enough to report. I hope everyone else is caught up too. It will get crazy here in a little bit. I guess this is the calm before the storm. Another reason I haven't posted in awhile is that I just haven't had time to go look around like I use to now that I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 month old. I will try and post more often. Good luck!


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