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    Army Builder Cases

    I went to 2 Wal-Marts (McDonough and Stockbridge) this morning and they both had a ton of Biker Scouts and Sandtroopers. At the Stockbridge Wal-Mart there were about 12 of each and at the McDonough Wal-Mart there were about 18 of each. They also had a ton Boomer Damage Battle Droids too. I am caught up on everything except for the Vader/Obi Aniversary 2-pack. I also don't have the 12" Luke Speederbike but I don't think they ever came to Atlanta. Good Luck!

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    The deluxe Leia/Amanaman FINALLY hit Conyers. Target has about 4 each, at $15.99!? a buck-fifty and order 'em through

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    Hey Howdy, Randy-- What are the anniversary packs going for? I thought I was misreading when someone said $15.99 at Target for the deluxe figure, but I found the Chewie and Han there over the weekend, and the set was $15.99. I thought the resculpts were probably the best done, and yet I left them on the shelf. I need to save as much dinero for the AOTC stuff on April 23...So is WalMart, TRU, anyone cheaper than that???


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    Anniversary packs

    The Anniversary 2-packs are all about the same price whether its Target or Wal-Mart. But the deluxe figures are $15.99 at Target and $9.96 at Wal-Mart. I hope this helps!

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    25th Anni. Ben/Vaders @ Conyers Target. Two left as of 2/14/02......ya gotta love V.D.!!!!!............err.....hang on.....perhaps I shouldn't initial.....

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    I've seen a commercial on TV recently to help you get rid of your 'VD' collection...That way, you won't be 'part of a disturbing trend.'

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    Hello all. Well the couple of you that are still left here. Just found a case of sneak preview figs at the Wesley Chapel wallmart. I haven't been keeping up with collecting news much lately so I hadn't really seen much of the new figures. I'm having a few issues with the Clone Trooper. He looks like some mid 80's mexican Star Wars toy rip off. It's like somthing you'd find at a flea market on Buford Hwy. With that said, everything else is great and once again QLD is in my debt because he doesn't have to get up off his lazy *** and go a figure huntin' like the rest of us.
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    Hey! I love the Buford Flea Market! Ok maybe not...the ones on Hwy. 41 in Kennesaw are a treat though...ok maybe not.
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    I like to scout for chicks at the Buford Highway Flea Market

    Well, not really, but I did find a lot of great NES games at some dumpy outdoor flea market in Commerce.

    Anyway, I think I will be around more now, as things have calmed down a little. Just in time too with all of E2 stuff coming out soon. Once again I am in debt to 12" Lando.

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    any news on Bo Shek wave or the real Jedi Starfighter?

    Has everyone found the preview figure wave?

    Everyone fill out their brackets for midnight madness?
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