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    toy show

    Anybody out there know of any toy shows or conventions in GA?Or how to find out about any?


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    SW shows is based out of Newnan, GA and they frequently advertise on SSG
    They are really good people and they don't have anything lined up yet for the year.
    Check them for specials though they always have some good deals.

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    No problem Leah...glad I could help.
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    midnight madness!!!!

    Has anybody heard if stores(beside Walmart) are going to open at midnight on April 23rd for the release of the AOTC figures?

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    I hope that TRU has midnight madness again this time around. I had a blast at the last one. Strangely enough that was really the last time that TRU seemed to apreciate Star Wars "mania". I went to Wal-Mart that night too but it kinda sucked. They had the area roped off until 4am, (Pleasant Hill store), so I was standing there with a bunch o' geeks held back from the stuff for 90min. Ok... they were cool geeks but geeks non the less. I was only in my first 3 hours of Star Wars collecting so I wasn't used to it.
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    Found Bo,R4 and Teebo at the LaGrange Wal-Mart but no starfighter as of yet.
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    Teebo wave hits Conyers WalMart. About 6 or 7 of 'em a piece......problem is....every one of them are crushed, bent, or creased. .....thank God I have mine already, because I'd have been pee-assed!!!.........Moral: Don't waste your time here unless you open your figs......

    Now you just hold it a second there, QKL!!! (Refering to holding your words, of course!)..........aaaaaaaanyway...didn't you say that same "let's all get together" thing 3 years ago with TPM?....and then we were all going to "get together" at DragonCon?'re always having us "get together" here and "get together" there, and you never show up! You just sit there in the comfort of your home laughing at the thought of us all cluttered together like idiots waiting on you outside while everyone else is inside having fun. You're always shoving us around.......and I'm tired of it!.....and you know what else?......I say, YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?.......hello?.......hello?.......QKL?........ ..oh man......she got me again.

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    Howdy, you're right.

    Wow. I am so busted. I am flattered you remember that I did propose that 3 years ago. I don't recall you or anyone else organizing our meeting somewhere, and no one responded to my suggestions. (I am not a committee!) I didn't bail on any get togethers. I'm just a mind with many ideas, none of which get executed...I figured no one was interested...SO LET ME TURN THIS AROUND:

    What are all of you doing for the premiere May 16?
    Yes Howdy, I'm listening for your answer.

    Would you like to join me to see the movie?

    I plan on seeing it at the same place I saw TPM:

    The Riverstone cinema in Canton has the largest screen in GA. Like 2 1/2 stories tall. To see the premiere anywhere else is stupid. There were plenty of hardcore fans there, all for the same reason: the awesome screen.

    If anyone wants to join ME, let me know.
    Yes Howdy, even you.

    I might even sit next to you.

    On second thought, probably not.

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    If any of you guys are looking for EP2 legos, the Wal-Mart on Johnsons Ferry road in Marietta had Super Battle Droid Technic, Speeder Chase and some others on the top shelf that I couldn't see. The Wal-Mart in Kennesaw had the Deluxe Yoda set as well as the BoShek wave. Lastly, the Wal-Mart on 41 in Acworth had Jango and Super Battle Droid Technics as well as the BoShek wave.
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    My Toy Fair Vader arrived today! He's pretty cool and worth $8.......but you're an idiot to pay $300 on Ebay.

    Speaking of cool, a matter of fact I WOULD like to join you at the premiere. I think we all should go.....but then again.....maybe no one else will show up and it will just be us..........*heavy breathing*, I'm just kidding. I know you're married and all that even if you DO sit next to me, I won't do the 'ol "hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket in my lap" trick. The ooooooonly problem I foresee is the premiere itself. Tons of people dressed up like Jedis and howling and clapping during the flick. I mean, it's all good at Rocky Horror, but.......maybe we should wait like a day or so AFTER the premiere.......maybe a "post" premiere at the same theater?

    (oh no....and now comes the part where you tell me that the hooting Jedis are part of the fun.......)


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