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    Found Teebo abd BoShek at Wal Mart in Duluth today. Still looking for T4, Eeth Koth, and the Zutton wave.

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    I'm in the same boat as well...I'm caught up with everything but the Zutton wave minus Zutton...I've never even seen that wave around here.
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    Need Zutton and Eth Koth. Has anyone even seen these guys? I know there were a few on the north side a month or two ago.
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    Got Zutton but Eeth Koth is eluding me.
    "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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    eeth koth and zutton

    as I posted before I broke down and ordered both of these guys
    last week from Federation Toys
    I just received them today and the Eeth Koth is awesome
    it is a great sculpt
    the Zutton's not bad but I had already seen him before
    Federation is a great company to deal with although the shipping was about $2 more than it should have been, but they did insure the package
    overall if you need these 2 figs go over there and order them now
    Im finally all caught up until AOTC
    any word on the snowspeeder or tie bomber sightings in GA?
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    I found the sneak prview Zam Wesell and R3-T7 figs at the Athens Target. There were at least a couple of each. No sign of Jango or the clone trooper (darn it!)

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    Where will you be April 23???

    I found that whole wave in the Cartersville Walmart Dec 26. From the way back machine....

    ...driving home from Tennessee for Christmas, I stopped at a WalMart, and found an unopened box of collection 2 figs waiting to be put out. Trying to be helpful, I opened the case, and grabbed all six figs from the assortment. There were two each of Eeth Koth, Zutton, Rebel Trooper and Imperial dude, with one each of FX7 and the Decoy. Yeah for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Howdy, the only hooting Jedis will have the fake popcorn bucket.

    Seriously, you mind that stuff? Gee black kettle, like we aren't nutso about Star Wars too, spending $8 million on little plastic figures and ships??? I wish I had the time and cash for a sweet Jedi robe to dress up in, but I'm already on thin ice with the $400 I have planned for April 23rd. Sure the four month in line guys are way out there, but nothing will deter me from seeing the midnight show on May 16, even if I get lucky and see the sneak preview a week before. I lucked out with that in 99. The radio station I freelance for had a premiere 8 days in advance, at the theater off 285/Roswell. Before the first follow-up, I don't know if they will get the sneak peek this time. If so, who knows about geting a few tix for meesa friends...

    SO, anyone else want to see the midnight premiere?

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    where will you be April 23?

    I forgot the main question that I titled...

    Where will we all be on April 23 for midnight madness? I don't mean WM or TRU either. What locations? It would be cool if a few of us waited in line together at the same place, and maybe beat up some young kids!

    The old expression strength in numbers? It might be easier if a team hit different sections of a store, grabbing doubles for the other person. I was so screwed in 99 regarding 12 inch stuff. I didn't even see a 12 incher (no comments Howdy) until June of that year. Of course, it could rip the very fiber of this forum apart if one person did better at a certain location than a fellow member. We're talking gunfights in the parking lot.

    I plan on being at the Kennesaw TRU. That's where I was in 99, and it was awesome. I'll get in line around 9pm. In 99 I stopped at 9pm, and hardly anyone was there. I stopped for dinner and got back at 10:30. I was #127 in line then. That sucked.

    BTW Randy, you still alive?

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    Has anyone confirmed what TRU will be doing the midnight madness if any? Kennesaw is a little far. I live 10 minutes from the Pleasant Hill one, but I am willing to travel with my buddy 12" Lando to meet some of you guys at a different one. How will we identify each other? Red carnations?

    Anyway, let's see if we can find out what metro TRU will be participating.

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    GET YOUR MOTORS RUNNING!! I found the AOTC figures. I stopped at an undisclosed Wal-Mart this evening and found 25-30 cases of AOTC figures. The associates were putting the cases to the side since the red lettering on the box says do not open until April 23. They were watching over them like a hawk. Finally, I made my move and grabbed a case. I opened it and found 12 brand new AOTC figures. Here is the breakdown of the case I opened:

    2-Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)
    1-Kit Fisto (Jedi Master)
    1-C-3PO (Protocol Droid)
    2-Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant Disguise)
    1-R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry)
    2-Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase)
    1-Padme Amidala (Arena Escape)
    2-Super Battle Droid

    I bought 1 of each. I tried to go back and open more but they were on to me so I had to leave. The case I opened was from Collection 1. The cases did not have any identification whether it was Collection 1 or 2. I checked one figure with the price checker and the name of the figure came up and the price was $5.88. But when the cashier rang up the figures it just said SW Figure.

    I guess these should be coming into all the Wal-Marts in the next few days. This may be your only chance to get them before April 23. Once they come in they will be moved back to the stock room. Good Luck


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