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    Conyers and Covington K-Marts have TONS of the Luke/Maul deluxe figs and x-wing Luke wave.

    Arrrrrgh, matey

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    Are the Walmarts in everyone's area still as empty as here in Conyers?

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    FX-7 at Morrow Wal-Mart

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I found the FX-7 wave at the Morrow Wal-Mart. I would check your local Wal-Marts soon since the report is that they are only getting 1 case. This wave is awesome! Good luck!

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    Hey, good score, Randy. I'll be looking out for it!

    "Arrrgh...11,894 bottles'a beer on the wall....."

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    FX-7 at Stockbridge Wal-Mart too

    I also wanted to let you know that I found the FX-7 wave minus FX-7 at the Stockbridge Wal-mart this evening.

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    Well I'll be a cucumber at women's correctional facility.....Conyer's WalMart scores a case of them dun-did-do-there FX-7s. I have to agree that it is a VERY cool wave. The sculpts are great....but there's something about the Rebel Trooper's helmet that seems half-arse. Anyway, there were only two of each (FX-7, R.T., I.T., and Ami), so I snagged one for me ...and stashed one for whoever wants it. Email me and I'll tell you were they're at.....but hurry!! never know when a stocker could finally come across 'em.

    " ne'er told ye whatever happened to yar father.."

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    Those stashed figs. were still at WalMart tonight...anybody need 'em?

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    Yippee!!! What a happy holiday...

    I would love to tell you that my daughter got me all four deluxe figures on her own, but...

    ...well, she's only 17 months. I grabbed them all and gave them to me from her. The Amanaman was a lucky grab, hidden beneath some ancient naboo fighters at the Cumberland TRU.


    driving home from Tennessee for Christmas, I stopped at a WalMart, and found an unopened box of collection 2 figs waiting to be put out. Trying to be helpful I opened the case, and grabbed all six figs from the assortment. There were two each of Eeth Koth, Snaggletooth, Rebel Trooper and imperial dude, with one each of FX7 and Decoy. Yeah for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a post Christmas gift!!! Now I won't have to search for at least a month, and can start saving up for a midnight sale, coming soon to a toystore near you!!!

    Happy Holidays Howdy, and ditto Randy, as well to your family!!!

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    The WalMarts in Conyers and Covington are showing prices for the new wave and 25th ann. figs under empty shelves. The figs. were listed at $6.44 and the ann. sets at $14 and some keep a look out!........ .....matey.

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    The 25th Ann. sets arrived at the Conyers and Covington Walmarts. The Chewie/Han set is MUCH cooler than the Luke/Leia. No Deluxe II or Koth wave yet.


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