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    Which character do you see yourself as most?

    I thought I would put this out there to see what others think.Me it would be Chewie.In the back ground ready to fight for his friends,the strong slient type and at times more than a handfull.Ok,I'm not as big as he is[was]but this is a story and damnit, I can dream can't I?
    "I have a bad feeling about this".

    "Just when I remembered what it was,I forgot where I put it."

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    I would love to say Boba Fett but that really is not me. So I will have to agree with you and say Chewbacca.
    Khoo-Ha...Please Pass The Jelly.

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    I'm the guy that said "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer"?, because I'm an outward pessimist and a bad actor too.

    Everyone has someone they'd like to be like, then the someone they are. I would like to think I'm a bit like young Obi-Wan, confident in my abilities, but not outwardly brash like Han Solo. In reality I'm probably more like the first guy I mentioned.

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    In the Emperor's arrival scene, I'm the third Biker Scout from the left.

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    I don't.
    A fantasy this galaxy is. And exist I do in the here and now....

    if i were written into a story by someone else, they would probably draw me as a sly and cunning devil, possibly a smuggler or thief but a very succesful one with a very healthy credit rating. I can't see anyone seeing me as a hero because I'm too much of a self preservationist for that. I would possibly also be seen as an evil galaxial despot...

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    Yoda say I would. Back syntax I have. Talk backwards I do.

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    Jabba The Hutt

    Because I'm lazy as hell
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    Thumbs up

    I think I would be Luke. Just one of those things.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    "Almost there, Almost there..."
    I am R2-D2. Always saving the day without recieving credit due and making life insufferable for my closest friend(s) through a barrage of cutdowns.

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    Like my avatar... I think I would be more like the Young Obi-Wan. I am often wary of things and confident, or possibly over-confident, in my own abilities. I'm also a loyal person but very much part of a group. Confident, but not brash...kinda like Fulit! HEY! Does this mean I am like Fulit!?!?!?! Hahaha!!!!

    Fulit- I hard doth know ye! LOL
    OK... I BLOG. YOU READ. at
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