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    SW parts and etc. for trade.........

    Hello, I've been going thru my SW collection and I've found a few parts and etc. to trade:

    (my wants are at the bottom of this list)
    (All items are in great condition unless otherwise noted)

    1x vintage Chief Chirpa ewok figure (no staff)
    1x vintage Teebo ewok figure (no acces.)
    1x vintage Logray ewok figure(no acces.)
    1x vintage Max Rebo piano
    1x vintage snowspeeder rear gun
    1x vintage snowspeeder front gun (single)
    1x vintage Jabba's pipe and bowl
    1x vintage Salacious Crumb figure
    1x vintage Taun-Taun saddle (buckle is split, but displys nicely)
    1x vintage cantina single brown door
    1x vintage Hoth Dagobah yoda backpack (blue)
    2x vintage Hoth backpack
    2x vintage gas mask
    2x vintage Death Star upper light grey supports
    1x REPRO Hoth Stormtrooper rifle
    1x REPRO jawa blaster (grey)
    1x boxed/sealed Lego EP1 Flashspeeder vehicle

    I also have the follwing SW cards to offer in trade as well

    1x full set of EP1 series 2 Topps Widevision (80 cards total)
    2x EP1 Topps WV series 2 chrome inserts C2 and C3

    I also have the follwing SW Young Jedi (Jedi Council) ccg rares to offer:
    #7 Mace Windu
    #11 R2D2
    #73 Sebulba (x2)
    #77 Rune Haako
    #79 Battle Droid Squad
    #81 Lott Dod

    I'm interested in trading for the following:

    LOOSE Episode 1 figures
    vintage AT-AT chin gun cover
    vintage Millenium Falcon blue door strut
    vintage Snowspeeder canopy and glass
    vintage speederbike brake flaps and front fin pieces
    vintage Death Star trash monster (Dionoga)
    vintage Death Star rope swing
    vintage Luke Bespin yellow saber

    I'm also in need of the following SW cards:

    EP1 series 2 Topps widevision inserts...C1,C4,E4,E5,E6

    SW Young Jedi (Jedi Council) ccg's #'s 6, 12, 49, 64,66,67,74,75,107,137

    If you're interested in something I have PLEASE feel free to e-mail me.Thanks,
    Brian Wilbanks AKA "Top Jedi"
    "The Force is Strong with this one" TOP JEDI

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    C'mon guys! You mean nobody has anything on my want list to trade??? I know somebody out there needs something from my list of stuff....speak up, don't be shy
    "The Force is Strong with this one" TOP JEDI

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    hey i might have a blue falcon strut for you but your gonna have to wait i'm moving May 4th and my stuff is all packed away so give me a week or 2 to find out for you.If i find it ill take that snowspeeder gun from ya okay. my email for now is
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    BossNass, which snowspeeder gun are you wanting for your falcon strut? I'd rather not trade the larger Snowspeeder gun for just a falcon you have anything else to possibly add?Just keep in touch by e-mailing me.Thanks, Brian TopJedi
    "The Force is Strong with this one" TOP JEDI


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