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    Thumbs up Star Wars Playskool

    Congrats to Hasbro/Playskool for releasing this new product line.. As a grizzled old Baby boomer who has been hooked on the traditional 3 3/4" line for years, I must say that I am (to my surprise) completely hooked on the new "cute" Playskool line. It's stylized for sure, but it is what it is and that's fine with me.

    My question...

    Assuming that kids will want to be "army builders", will there be any way to purchase additional stormtroopers, biker scouts, federation droids in any "accessory pack", since I already assume you won't be selling them individually. I can see buying multiple "Forest sets" for the biker scouts but who will buy a ton of Millenium Falcon sets (when it is released) for additional stormtroopers???

    Hmmm... maybe if you guys don't follow through, a 2nd source aftermarket will develop (like for SW lego minifigs).

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    I'm with ya man! I haven't been able to buy any of these yet, but I have seen them in the stores and they're great! I'll be buying all of them as soon as my current financial woes are taken care of!

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    I grabbed an X-Wing and a Naboo Fighter set for *ahem* my daughter to play with. They are pretty neat, and I don't have to worry about her wrecking my traditional figs anymore.

    That Vader cracks me up. Here's hoping ToyFare works him into a comic panel soon.

    On the other hand, it's just Hasbro raping us for another buck or two. I just know they've got Transformers X-Wings and TIE fighters on a drawing board somewhere.
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    I got these yesterday and my 4 year old daughter can't stop playing with them. Both the kids always want to "play" with my collection. Of course, I'm a bit reluctant to let them have at it at their age, so this new stuff is perfect!

    The "crazy eyes" feature on the Wampa is hilarious.

    Can't wait for the Falcon to come out!

    In order to open the wings on the X-Wing, you have to hold it in one hand while pushing the button on top. Her little hands have trouble holding the thick front part of the ship so she still needs help. But other than that, everything is pretty cool. Keep 'em coming!

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    My girlfriend recently bought the X-Wing for ME to play with, and I LOVE it! I can't wait to pick-up the rest. I'm still hoping for some playsets though!

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    Re additional playsets:

    I'd love to see a T.I.E. Fighter in this new series as well as a landspeeder and Jawa/Tusken raider set.


    I can imagine Playskool oriented cantina Imperial palace as well.
    How about Jabba and co??

    Let's hope this new line lasts for some time as the possibilities are definitely there...

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    I swore I heard rumors that they are working on a Landspeeder set, if the toyline takes off. And from the sounds of all the fans of them, it should. I am going to pick them up soon, I'm just a tad broke from my savings after the 14 figures on April 23rd jumped to 27 figures. And now another 8 more!

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    Playskool Death Star playset BABY!!!

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    I've observed ths line ever since it came out and it does grow on you. Like others, I would like to see multi packs of:
    Stormtroopers, Bike Scouts & Rebel pilots just for starters. Good work with whoever thought up this line - very creative.

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    This line never "grew" on me! I've thought it was great since it was first announced. By the way, I don't know how "creative" this line can be said to be...Kenner had planned a similar line way back during the time of the original trilogy! Thanks just the same for making it happen Hasbro!


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