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Thread: Six feet Under

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    Six feet Under

    I thought there was a thread for this already but I couldn't find it. Feel free to merge this.
    But my question is, did anyone see this weeks episode? and if so what happened?
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    Keith called David and told him he had broken up with that other guy.

    Nate was hitting on a chick rabbi who did a jewish funeral at the parlor.

    The body (forgot his name)guy caught that guy he thought was messing around with his wife with another guy in his living room. (and when I say "caught" I mean CAUGHT. )
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    His name is Rico and the guy he caught was his brother-in-law. The reason that him messing around with another woman is a big deal is because he is married to Rico's sister. Kind of crazy huh. I don't doubt that he won't keep this a secret.

    Also Claire went to visit her aunt. Her aunt had a bunch of hippie chicks over who got drunk and high (among other things).

    The little girl that Keith is taking acare of, her appendix burst and she was rushed to the hospital.

    The mom was alone most of the time.

    Brenda keeps on having fantasies about other men.

    That's about it.
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    How could we omit Nate's imagination of the widow as a future Brenda? Since he hasn't told her about his head issue, it's a BIG plot point.

    Sithdroid, I thought the guy who was helping Rico with his house was his cousin. I think he feared that something was up between him and Vanessa, so the discovery in the house was a shock. Correct me if I'm wrong though, I'm not 100% certain.

    After Keith's niece went in to the hospital, he called David (who thought he was being stood up for dinner) and Dave went to be with Keith.

    Hmmm . . .

    At the party, Claire became friends with a young dude, nothing happened between them but he is seen in the previews for next week, so there might be a new love interest for our young redhead. Until Gabe rears his head again.

    Brenda is still hanging out with her prostitute client, she confessed to her about the previous week's happenings . . .

    That's all I can remember now, so I turn it over to JEDIpartnr . . .

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    Oops, you are right caesar. It is Rico's cousin. I don't know what I was thinking. Sorry for the confusion everbody.
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    This week's episode was totally packed!! There is so much confusion going on with each brother's relationships. I mean seriously, it was always pretty apparent that David and Keith would find each other again and some of that was shown through David's relationship with Keith's niece... that precocious little thing!

    Brenda's a mess... I think there is a little more to that "Charlotte: Light and Dark" character that's still inside her. After all, her brother is total loon and her folks are dysfuctional as well!

    Poor Ruth... look at her family. Maybe they ALL need to go on the "Plan". Aunt Sarah is a trip. I really like the fact that they are putting Claire into all of these really difficult situations where each tests her mettle. You can tell that she always wants to do the right thing, but her heart leads her elsewhere... great portrayal of teen life... for once!!!

    Yes, the "other guy" is Rico's cousin. The funny thing about his cousin and his wife getting it on is the fact that Rico's wife was always dissing his cousin- he's an idiot, he's not a real house inspector, he can't do anything right... Jeez! Who knew THAT was coming?

    I can't wait for next week's episode. I hope these come out on DVD like "The Sopranos", "Sex and the City" and "Queer as Folk" have. Cable premiums really DO have some of the best shows out right now... something for everybody (as far as I can see)!
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    I thought Gabe died?? didn't he overdose, or am I making up my own plot points.. I know his little brother shot himself. Yeah I think I just assumed he was dead cause he's been gone..

    Does anyone remember those "advertisements" that the first couple of SFU started with,, like the dirt shaker.. until they started the 'body of the week' things about the 3rd show in.
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    Gabe hasn't died yet...

    Gabe is running from himself and the cops. The last episode in which we saw him was the one where Claire came to pick him up and they were arguing in the car. Some guy pulled up next to them at a light and Gabe shot the guy. Claire wised up and pulled over, Gabe got out of the car and Clair pulled away. that night Claire, David and Nate talked with Keith and made an official report of the incidents in which Gabe was involved.
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    And now Gabe can be seen in commercials selling cars.
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    Y'know, this is like listening to a bunch of women talking about soap operas in a hair salon.... Deeeeeeeep man...


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