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    New Darth Maul!!!

    There might be a new Darth Maul go to It's in German but you can clearly see his name. When you go to you will see Episode 2 click on it and Darth Maul's
    name is on the 3rd page I think.
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    Oy boy . . .

    Another Maul? Holy God in Heaven above! How many do we need?

    And please don't answer that question, it was meant as a joke.
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    Maul is due out in August from what I can gather. Apparently in a wave that contains another Anakin. But don't quote me on that, it's just what I've seen around the net. As we all know with hasbro - everything is all down to availability and may be substituted or cancelled at any time.......

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    Yeah, there was some talk of a new Maul this year. Probably sculpted into a combat pose to go along with the new Qui-Gon figure. Frankly the only new Darth Maul figure I want to see is a good Holographic Maul, like the Darth Sidious figure.

    That Wal-Mart exclusive was to short, a statue, the wrong color, and his face was pretty un-detailed. I would jump at the chance of a Holo Maul with minor articulation like the Holo Sidious, but I doubt that that is going to happen. Oh well, one can hope.

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    For crying out loud, we need an action-posed obi-wan, I tell ya!

    In my opinion, the only Darth Maul figures that were needed were the normal Jedi Duel Darth Maul; the Tatooine Darth Maul; the Darth Maul from the Tatooine SHowdown; and they should make a holo-Maul.

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    Obviously someone at hasbro has a Maul fetish.....

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    Here is a rough translation from the site in question (you'll have to forgive me, I haven't had an official German class since High School):

    Darth Maul
    available August and was unfortunately forbidden it to us on the part of Lucasfilm to offer further details for this article. This item is in the basket (on the site) and applies it only as memory for us and not as an offer yet. On 23 April we remind you by email, if this article becomes available.

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    Is it possible this Maul is that retarded Unleashed figure we saw coming out soon?

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    Originally posted by brentfett
    Is it possible this Maul is that retarded Unleashed figure we saw coming out soon?
    Could be, could be....

    Whats wrong with the Maul Unleashed statuette? I thought it looked pretty cool (although I don't really want one.)
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    I hate going to the mall! There are way too many ignorant kids wandering around there. Shoppes are NOT babysitters! We don't need another place for these stupid children to hang out!!! As a matter of fact they can... wha? Oh! Darth MAUL!!! Sorry... I misunderstood. We don't need another one of those either.

    If there's an Anakin in the wave... it's probably that UNLOVED line.
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