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    Looking for R2 w/ Holo Leia

    Anyone know where I can find one for a reasonable price. I want to buy 2 one mint and one to bust open.

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    I have one. Make me an offer.

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    If your going to open it, you should be hit really hard...

    That figure ran me almost $40 b/c its hard to find.
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    I found my R2 w/Holo Leia on the web for only $12.00. It was MOMC. Jedi Rainman you paid $40.00? Where did you buy it at???

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    Never mind where he bought it at! Where did you find it for 12!?

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    I got it on (YES) E-Bay about a month ago. This stupid figure could not be found anywhere in Cleveland so I got it to complete part of my collection. I HATE E-Bay but I couldn't pass it up for that price. Hope this helps and Happy Hunting.......

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    I think one of the on-line vendors has it for like $17.00 if you can't find it on any auction sites.
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    I would think you want the figure for its uniqueness, not because it's "worth" something.

    Which is why I hope Hasbro does a Saga R2-D2, with four holographs:

    1) Leia from ANH (repack)
    2) Luke from ROTJ
    3) Theed Palace Schematic from TPM
    4) Obi-Wan from AOTC

    I wonder if they'd do that, instead of the movie title, just "Star Wars Saga". Would be nice, eh?
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