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    Is this Crazy? Someone spend $231.50 for a AOTC R2-D2 figure on ebay.

    I cant beleive that this guy bought a AOTC R2-D2 figure variation (R3-T7 leg version) for $231.50 on ebay. Here is the link

    Now we know there is 2 different leg variations, ( I sent in a picture to sirsteves and he posted it about 3 weeks ago) but which one is rarer? Isnt it to early to tell since the AOTC figures have not been released in mass qtys yet?

    Wouldn't it be smart to wait and see which one is rarer after the 23rd before shelling out $231.50 for a figure?

    Is it just me or is that crazy?

    It would be funny if the R2-D2 with R3-T7 legs ended up being the common version.

    There are about 4 more auctions on ebay for the R2-D2 figure with R3-T7 legs, so they probally wont be that hard to find at retail.

    I myself have found both versions, but dont know which is rarer since I found equal amounts.

    2 with dome capped legs
    2 with R3-T7 style legs

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    LMAO i hope its the normal one
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.............

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    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    May the force be with you.

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    oh....some people...

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    LOL Idiot!

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    Most likely it'll be the most common due to that version being on R3, R4 and R2-Q5 and I guess R2 w/ Holo Leia.

    'Course even if it isn't the most common, they'll both most likely be there in good amounts on the 23rd.
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    yes , that is crazy.

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    Talking Here We Go Again...

    This must be the same "CRACK HEAD" that spent $213.00 on that Preview Jango Fett when it was the first AOTC figure on E-Bay. Now you can get Jango at TRU. I can't figure these people out.....

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    By the time he gets it in the mail he could have bought it for $6-7 at the store. I wonder if he wants to buy some magical beans?
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!


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