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    N2 toys going under?

    i was checking around and i see n2 toys, maker of crappy matrix toys, no longer has their website up. has anyone heard anything like they may be shutting down, or maybe they are just trying to save money by not operating a web site?

    they have some really cool liscenses, too bad they make low quality stuff.

    i'm still holding out hope that the 12 inch mad max will be OK. the prototype looks cool, and if the head is a good sculpt, i can always do the transplant thing.

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    We should all hope so. Don't get me wrong, I actually loved their Matrix figures (crappy packaging and 12inchers aside), but what with their cancelling the third series, their failure to actually produce something with the Fifth Element license (which should've seen plastic form a long time ago [better late than never!]), and their insistance on wasting good capital AND shelf space on crappy licenses like Son of the Beach and Rambo and Steven Segal my praise for this company has turned to extreme distaste. I don't wish them ill will to be mean, but only in the hopes that this will free up the Matrix and Mad Max licenses for someone else to pick up and run with (as much as I liked them I will admit they could've been done better, but hey who else was producing Matrix figures at the time?). I just hope we get our Big Trouble in Little China figures first, which I NEED to have figures of (since I doubt anyone else will try I'm holding out for these!)!

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    if blue box got matrix 2 and mad max rights, everyone here would be amazed at the quality product they would produce. i will keep my fingers crossed.

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    I didn't like those Matrix toys one bit. And a good half shelf worth of space is catered to housing those awful figures. I had hopes for the Mad Max figures, but I think they look terrible. I wanted to get a mad max figure, but I didn't like any of them, not a one looked like Mel Gibson in the movie.

    People complain about Star Wars action figures as "statues" what about that one Matrix figure of Keanu Reeves with his mouth closing up? That and the figure of the one women jumping. I'm a fan of the movie, but I am really sick of seeing these on the shelves.
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    The ONLY N2 toy I ever bought was Agent Smith from The Matrix. ALL the rest of their figures SUCK! I'm glad they lost The Fifth Element licence. Those figures would have been peg-warming pieces of junk! They didn't look anything like the characters. Anyways, N2 hasn't really made anything that I would want to buy. Who are they trying to make figures for? I don't know anybody who even buys their stuff.
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