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    Thumbs up Anakin Deluxe w/ Geonosian!!

    Just saw this over at Rebelscum. The 5th figure of the Deluxe line has been revealed, a Deluxe Anakin Skywalker with soft goods and 2 lightsabers. He comes packed with another winged Geonosian. This will be a better figure for the Corsurant Speeder, since the soft goods tunic bottom won't interfere with the figure being able to sit. May need to make a head swap, though. Regardless, cool beans!!

    I guess this confirms that the Nexu now won't pack in with the Deluxe Anakin. Most likely since Padme fights with and is clawed by the Nexu, it should be included with a Deluxe figure of her. Hopefully it's a pre-torn version of her white Arena outfit and will come with the soft good cape that she is shown wearing in some scenes of the movie.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    Hello everyone.
    Well Iam new here and I love Geonosians!
    The picture looks great!

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    Poor Geonosian, he has nothing to defend himself with!

    So basically it's just Hangar Duel Anakin re-posed with a soft goods skirt and he's mimicing Mace with the winged Geonosian minus his staff.
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    I see a little lever on his back
    Scarmouch Scarmouch not another crappy gimmick

    Oh well, it is a Deluxe figure after all, and it has an extra Geonosian for about $4.
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    Stupid face, stupid frickin' gimmick and a stupid lookin' Geonosian resculpt that's nowhere near as good as the other two. this is a pegwarmer as far as I'm concerned. Soooooo disappointed yet again. One more missed opportunity...

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    If it goes on clearance, its Geonosians plus Anakin's facial expression.
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    If you put this Anakin in the speeder...

    He'll catch plenty of bugs in that wide open gob of his! Stupid lad, you know that yelling at the ugly alien isn't going to make him go away!!!
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    I'll definitely pick him up, but pretty much only for the extra lightsabers and because he has cloth robes. I'll wind up swicthing out his head with another Anakin most likely.

    *keeps noticing how he loves all the peices of the new Ep2 figures, but they all seem to be put together in the wrong order*
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    Awesome figure. Really dig that little vein on the side of his neck too.

    He looks like he'll be easier to fit in the Coruscant Speeder. I guess you can pretend he's going to crash into a wall with that facial expression.

    In all actuality, I like the face; but we need one with a more neutral expression. How's he supposed to win over Padme if he is always yelling at her?
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    How's he supposed to win over Padme if he is always yelling at her?
    Don't worry. Hasbro will be releasing Anakin Skywalker-Jedi Pimp Daddy soon. It comes with electronic pick-up lines.
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