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    Toys R Us Midnight Madness - Are you going?

    hey folks...just curious as to how many of you are planning on going to Midnight Madness @ Toys R Us?

    If you are going, what time are you planning on getting there?

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    I am not going because not a single TRU in NC is participating in midnight madness. The closest one to me is over 200 miles away in Virginia and I am not prepared for that. I have 2 very nice 24 hr Wal-Marts within 30 miles, so I will be going there and hitting the other stores during the daylight hours. I just cant wait now.
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    Yes, midnight madness!!!!

    I am planning on going, but I am under the impression that Wal-Mart will have a better selection!! We shall see.

    Take care,


    P.S. Where in LA are you and which TRU were you planning on going to? EP 1 midnight madness I went to the Van Nuys TRU.

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    I will be going to MM at my local TRU. I have to work that night 4-10 pm, but I'll be headin' to TRU right after work. There is a local 24hr Wal-Mart nearby as well, so whatever I don't get at TRU, I'll be looking for at wally world.

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    Nope. Only 2 stores in my state are opening, and I'd have to drive almost 90 minutes.

    Meh, their stores are lame anyway. Wal-Mart is getting my midnight business.

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    Nope, sadly I found out a few days ago that none of the stores where I live will participate, still TRU and KB said they will open at 8:00am so Ill be there early in the morning.
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    No Wal-Marts, Toysrus or anything within 30 minutes of where i live are opening at midnight, but i will be at WM at 7am the next morning.

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    I'll be going to which ever store does it, which I think is the one closest to me. I'll probably get there around 11:45 or so. Last time, I went after midnight and still got everything. I don't feel like hanging around the TRU parking for an hour or a day. If I miss anything, there are about 7 Wallys within 20 miles of me.

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    Unfortunately yes I will be going. But I get up for work @ 5:15am. I will be a zombie that day. God help me. Damn these figures.

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    Nope, i cant go, but i'm sure u guys will bring all the scoop here.
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