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    Happy Christmas ?

    I have just been thoroughly depressed in my local TRU - there was literally NOTHING that I wanted to buy.

    Does anybody know if there is anything half decent due for release for Christmas?



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    Anything NEW in your TRU? :)

    I've not even bothered going to TRU, BC3 since THe Naboo Hangar Playset came out over a year ago - they've not had anything new in since and I used to get hellishly frustrated being served by clueless 8 year-olds (ok, I in-agerrate) who, looking like some boil-in-the-bag aberrant through the mist of adolescent swampgas they tend to secrete claimed; if its not on the shelf, then its not in stock.

    So, is there anything new in your TRU?


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    There are alot of action figures due to be out by Christmas, which means TRU should get them by, say, February.

    As far as MM is concerned, probably nada.


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