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    Question How will we carry our stuff out on MM ?

    If theres gonna be around 30 figures plus ships and delux figures. How does everyone think that they're gonna carry around with there things while either looking for more or just leaving? That's quite abit....maybe a few trips?

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    Mmmm, Maybe you should try a shopping cart. That seems to work well for the millions of Americans who buy groceries every week.
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    One thing I did in 99 at MM was I got an empty Hasbro box and filled that sucker up. I did this a couple of times with all the EP1 figures I bought, so that made it easier to carry them out.
    However this year I wont be going to TRU so I will have to use a Wal Mart shopping cart. More room though!!
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    Well, a cart is one thing I didnt think I had to is of course the obvious. So then with that, imagine between the 10 and 500 people that show up to collect and they ALL have carts. Now thati'll be a jam I don't want to get mixed into. I want to move quickly and around to my next point of buisness.

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    I knew what you meant sunblind. There's no way everyone will be able to have a shopping cart unless only three people show up at the store or else grab stuff, run to a cart in another aisle and hope someone doesn't raid it while you're gone. Plus those carry baskets will only hold about 10 figures. It's better to team up with a buddy and try to grab duplicates, then throw them in a cart later.
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    Yeah that sounds like a good idea. one of my pals is goig with me....(i should have my wife there to....hmmm..she can be there to hold on to my stuff....)

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    I have been debating this exact topic myself for about a week now. I am shopping at WM and I will need a cart for everything I'll need. But if I get a cart and then 10 others do too then I'll never get one single figure.. SO then I thought maybe I'll grab 2 of those carry baskets and double stack it until I need the 2nd one. The 1st one fills up then I start with the 2nd one. At MM for Epi. 1 at TRU they took away all the carry baskets and put them in the back for some STUPID reason. SO what I did was grab the one and only kid cart. You know those tiny little shopping carts. LOL I just grabbed it and carried it like a basket. Oh the memories....

    Well I think what will happen this year is IF it's busy as heck I'm gonna grab a basket and buy just what I can at MM, then I'll finish the rest of my list in the morning when the other WM's and Targets open. If that don't work I'll head to TRU and maybe even a K-Mart .

    If it's not busy well then I'm cartin' my brand spankin' new collection to the checkout.

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    I just don't know what to expect this time around. Back at Epi.1 MM at TRU it was PACKED but then came morning, I went to Wal Mart (which is not open 24hrs) and I was the only one there. Same thing I went to Target after that at 8 and I was the only one again. BUT this time only 1 TRU in the Minneapolis area is doing MM where last time about 8 of them did. So I just won't know what to expect this time. I'm hoping it will be dead like last time, but I highly doubt it.

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    Originally posted by JediDan
    SO what I did was grab the one and only kid cart. You know those tiny little shopping carts. LOL I just grabbed it and carried it like a basket. Oh the memories....
    you probably looked like Kane did in that Stacker 2 comercial.
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