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    Thanks Vulc, I being a beginner customizer,a total amatuer, hope to make the customs as close to what they have been described. As for The Wolf MM Custom, I would leave that up to the expertice of BC3, me I'm strictly action fleet customs.
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    If only someone had some plans of CE3K UFOs

    Oh,look here , it seems to be the inspiration for your avatar

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    Any new ideas are welcomed, let me know what you'd like to see, and maybe I can figure out how to put it together. Let me know.

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    here's a custom you won't believe!

    and this place may provide some ideas for other projects. (check out the full-sized filming version TOS USS Enterprise - holy cow!)
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    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    WOW! I thought my converted wheel barrel/SandCrawler was extreme. That custom got me hands down.

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    Angry oh you just Beggin to be sued for defamation aincha jdah? :p

    cuz the fact is, i designed my aVaTar over 15 years ago, and not only was it obviously Not inspired by xanthra's, it obviously Was inspired by the red orbital recognizers from graViTar, the mystical-third-eye-located "eject symbol" on fett's helmet and, others have suggested, the rocky mountains and a spider. so if you don't wanna be caught in Web of litigation, better cease & desist w/your baseless slander
    meanwhile, re the ce3k Cinefant, you are keeping in mind the "a few pages may be missing" caveat, right?

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    Re Caveat Emptor, I am very grateful for any new pics. I have the Fotonovel and Souvenir brochure but they have no pics of any quality on the UFOS.

    If I had a DVD player, p'raps I could get some freezes, or sumpin', p'raps someone could help me out with that....? pritee plz?


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    Talking Coming Friday To A Thread Near You!

    Hello all, Just completed my second series of action fleet customs. Coming this Friday to a thread near you: Action Fleet Ugly Series;

    Droid Conversion, with humanoid pilot

    I'm still looking for some great ideas to expand this collection, please throw some of your ideas my way. See you Friday!

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    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Great looking custom! Feel sorry for anyone that feels they would have to pay such a high price for such an easy custom. Sad day when customizers start selling off the pride of there collections. I bet, do to the high bid, we'll begin to see alot of these.......... Look at all the business Hasbro missing out on.
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