First thread On SirStevesGuide.Com. I am a weary crusader who has been in the search of action fleet customizers, such as myself. My journey has lead me to this and many forums in search of individuals who have dedicated themselves to expanding my favorite Star Wars Series of toys, "Action Fleet." Is anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to individuals or websites that have the same interest? I have at this time compiled a short, but inspiring list of individuals that I believe should get credit for expanding action fleet. Please check out the following sites and add sites that I have over looked. Check Out Pictures of club meetings; CheckOut Star WarsToyBashing

If you are a customizer/diorama, please list the projects that have been completed; at this time I have a built a z95 headhunter, Jodo Kast; Wolf, Baron Soontir Fel Tie, Corran Horn X-wing, and numerious uglies. Please add to the fray.