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    Lightbulb Expanding Action Fleet/Customs

    First thread On SirStevesGuide.Com. I am a weary crusader who has been in the search of action fleet customizers, such as myself. My journey has lead me to this and many forums in search of individuals who have dedicated themselves to expanding my favorite Star Wars Series of toys, "Action Fleet." Is anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to individuals or websites that have the same interest? I have at this time compiled a short, but inspiring list of individuals that I believe should get credit for expanding action fleet. Please check out the following sites and add sites that I have over looked. Check Out Pictures of club meetings; CheckOut Star WarsToyBashing

    If you are a customizer/diorama, please list the projects that have been completed; at this time I have a built a z95 headhunter, Jodo Kast; Wolf, Baron Soontir Fel Tie, Corran Horn X-wing, and numerious uglies. Please add to the fray.

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    Welcome to our petite enclave, Sakay.

    FYI, you have a bad URL there, it should be


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    Thanks Jeddah, Hmm Kinda of slow fishing here. I was hoping for a better following for action fleet customs. I guess no one here really likes the idea. Fast update on my collection, Corran Horns Xwing is now in the final stages of production, my next custom will be a Tie Wing. Anybody out there even interested?

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    "was hoping for a better following for action fleet customs"

    -well then Build one my good man! this is the perfect place to strut yer custom stuff, get yer fellow af collectors excited & build that following you seek
    bc3's got a boatload of MM customs on his site btw, might give you a few ideas

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    Who is BC3 ?

    Who is BC3 and where is his site? I would love to post my customs with him or at least get some feed back. Please let me know. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the help? Maybe this tread should be posted in customs, but it seems there are even fewer action fleet collectors there. Any ideas?

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    i had made my son a t-wing custom from a couple of x-wing i had laying around

    unfortunately it was real real ruff around the edges (actually through out the middle too), and it only survived long enough to be targrt practice fodder for masons rogue wing.

    i've always admired other peoples abilities at customizin' and kit bashin', unfortunately i lack the skill

    sakay, i had stumbled upon that kit bashing site that you posted the link for (the one with all the amazin' tie's), and fell in love with the craftsmanship.

    although i've got no customs to photo and show ( iwasn't kiddin' about the t becoming target practice fodder!), i would be more than happy to help in scavanging up unwanted action fleet to help you in your fabrication of customs.

    post what kinda customs your planning on making, and what ships you need for parts to help make it a reality.

    we've been known to be real resourcefull here in the ssg micro machines section, and are winnling and able to help however we can!
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    I appreciate the feedback

    Finally some feedback! thanks! I actually would love to post my customs at this time, but my knowledge only goes as far as sending pictures out with email. If you'd like, I could send you some photos of recent customs? I 'd appreciate any kind of feedback. Also interested in finding sites that high lite Expanded Universe Ships. Please let me know if you can help?

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    I have always wanted to make customs, but I can't!!! If any of you have any tips for how to make 'em. It would be great!!
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