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    Falcon In Aotc!!!!!!!

    .well probably not THE Falcon, but I was just over at some foriegn site (polish or something) that had pics from AOTC. There was a picture of that big ship Padme and Anakin take to Naboo from Coruscant approaching the Naboo spaceport. (similar scene as the one from the first trailer. In the far left of the picture, on the platform, you can clearly see what looks to be two correlian freighters sitting there. I hope that what they are! COOL!!!!!!!!!
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    There was a link from Episode-X to the site. There was also a picutre of that seperatist alien in the metal suit.
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    Here is the picture that Bosskman is talking about. Yep, it's most definatly a similar make of ship, but I rather doubt that either of them is the falcon. Lucas stuck the Falcon in E1 also, as the top of a building by the landing pad, so it's just another case of Lucas hiding one of the ships that alot of us want to see in E2. I still think that she will show up in Episode III though.

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    And here is the other picture that he was talking about, of Wat Tambor. Looks like a cool 50's style alien. There is some rumors suggesting we will get a figure of him this year, I hope so. Will be a great background alien to stick in a Cantina or Jabba's Palace diorama.

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    I enlarged the section with the ship in question in it and to me it looks horribly and suspiciously like the falcon. Now what's that doing there then? Wedgie 'em in george - wedgie 'em in.....

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    But there's also this nice pic of Anakin slicing the killer Kouhouns in Padme's apartment...

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    I do believe the Falcon is a Corellian YT-1300 Freighter and Han & Lando have both added their own modifications to the Falcon itself. It's not unlikely it is that old of a piece of junk, and since there are two landed there (you can see the forked front of the 2nd one that's cut out of the picture) I'm guessing Lucas was just trying to add flavoring to ships including adding a ship class we recognize but showing that it isn't the only one like it.
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    Actually i was being facetious. They planned on including some Correllian ships in TPM but never got round to it so they must have been scratching their heads for vehicles to stick in the spaceport and came up with the Correllian YT-1300 idea. It'll be interesting to see the ship without all the modifications and all smooth and shiny. I'm hoping to see a Y-wing show up with all the panels in place instead of being all guts on the outside like in ANH. Love that pic of the Y-wing all new and shiny in the OT cross sections book. Well wicked! I want a toy of that. Let's just hope we don't get a baby han Solo show up in the Naboo spaceport with a baby Chewbacca and a baby Lando. That'd be seriously uncool.

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    It would also do more for the first time we see the Falcon in ANH. If they show more ships like that in EII, we'll know they were common ships around at the time, sorta like transport trucks today. The we get to the Cantina scene where Han's bragging up the Falcon like it's some sleak new ship. Then when Luke finally sees it, some ol ship, the type of which has been around for years, he says "what a piece of junk!" It would be sorta like if you needed to hire a rig and the guy you were hiring was bragging up a beat up 1975 Freightliner.
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    I...I..really don't know.
    The "falcon" is everywhere in that pic!
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