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    Any Weird Al fans in here?

    What's your favorite song?

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    "Smells like Nirvana" had to be my first favorite Weird Al song. It was hilarious, making fun of Nirvana and the humorous lyrics. Of course "Amish Paradise" and "The Saga Begins" are some of his latest songs that I enjoy. Especially the Star Wars parody. I remember when the video came out. It was great how Weird Al incorporated the EP1 plot into the song and kept humor with it as well. He does a great job on it on "Weird Al Live". It was on VH1 just this past weekend. No doubt he is very talented.
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    Personally I like his original stuff better than his song parodies.

    Frank's 2000 inch TV, You make me and One more minute are some of the best songs I've ever heard...

    and damn funny to boot.
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    I would have to stick with his Star Wars parodies. Mind you I think it's the only ones I've heard.

    Livin' La Vida Yoda & My Name Is Darth Vader are the about the best ones.

    Well I think so anyway !!
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    Thumbs up

    "One More Minute" is my favorite, too. Other great ones:

    "Taco Grande"
    "Dare to Be Stupid"
    "Christmas at Ground Zero"
    "Nature Trail to Hell"
    "Mr. Popeil"
    "I Lost on Jeopardy"
    All the polka versions are awesome as well, even if you loathe polka!

    p.s. Is ever gonna update some of the sections? Coming up on 2 years since the "Ask Al" had anything new.

    Livin' La Vida Yoda & My Name Is Darth Vader are the about the best ones.
    Uh, jedi_uk73. What album were those ones on? Only SW parodies I know of are "Yoda" and "The Saga Begins."

    Here is a previous thread in the Old Forums on everybody's favorite parodist:
    Weird Al and Star Wars Lines
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    Al's cool, I saw him in concert . . . . Sept 2000. Very fun show! I've been wanting to buy the live DVD for quite some time, but never got around to it.

    "You Don't Love Me Anymore" is a cool original tune. Livin in the Fridge, The Saga Begins, Like a Surgeon, there are so many great parodies.

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    My favorite song(s)? This is tough...

    The Saga Begins
    Money For Nothing/The Beverly Hillbillies
    UHF (any version)
    This is the Life
    Gotta Boogie.

    Them are some of my favorites, but I love all his stuff.

    jedi_uk73: Those aren't Weird Al songs. You downloaded those songs correct? Okay, see, half the time when you get a funny song or parody it is mislabeled as Weird Al and so confusion ensues.
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    I got the Livin' La Vida Yoda & My Name Is Darth Vader off Napster when it was still about. According to the downloads they were done by Wierd Al. All searches came up with this too.

    They may not be by him, if you haven't heard of them. As I live in the UK, Wierd Al is not all that huge. So my downloads may be wrong. bummer!!!

    Still good songs though, better than the original artists attempts.
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    I love Weird Al. I own all of his CD's. My favorite song by him would have to be Eat It. Mostly because that was the song that turned me, and many other kids at the time on to him. I listened to In 3-D probably 10 times a day. Great stuff.

    I also love:

    One More Minute
    Smells like Nirvana
    The Brady Bunch
    Jurassic Park
    My Bologna
    Like a Surgeon
    Living with a Hernia
    Nature Trail to Hell
    Saga Begins
    Rye or the Kaiser
    X-Mas at Ground Zero
    Dare to Be Stupid
    I was Only Kidding
    Amish Paradise
    and ALL of the POLKAS!

    He also did a song called Star Wars Cantina that was never on any alblums. I dunno where it was done at, but it was a parody of Copa Cabana. It was done a while back, because I remember hearing it on the radio. But the voice is definately him. Good stuff. I would suggest looking on WinMX and seeing if you can find it on there.
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    Al is another person I got to meet way back in 1985. I saw him on his "Stupid Tour". That was great!

    My favourtie songs of his are:

    -Gotta Boogie (original version on the b-side of "Another One Rides the Bus")
    -Dare to Be Stupid
    -One More Minute
    -Amish Paradise
    -Smells Like Nirvana
    Of course... ALL his polka medleys are funny as hell!!!

    It's amazing that Al has stuck around a lot longer than a lot of the groups/artists he parodied. That speaks volumes about his lasting appeal and talent.
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