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    AOTC Jedi Master points

    What were the Jedi Master points on the UPC symbols used for. Will Hasbro be continuing this with the AOTC Line?

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    Yeah there's Jedi Master Points on the AOTC packages.

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    But what were those points for, anyway?

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    Nothing, they're just there. I think they did some exlusive in Australia a few years back, but nothing so far in the states.
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    Ah, I see. It's just eye candy and/or an incentive to buy more figures. That stinks.

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    But what were those points for, anyway?
    It's actually a bizarre psychology experiment gone terribly wrong.
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    No kidding. Why do we even have these stupid Jedi Master Points if we are never going to use them for anything. Why are they there? I want answers Hasbro.
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    After all these years...still useless. I think they definitely should've been used for the Toy Fair Vader, and they should be used for the Celebration figure, with only 2 available per address.
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    i don't know, but they had somethin like that on the decipher card game Young Jedi. beats me
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    Well it allows Hasbro to come up with a promotion later on in the line without having to vastly redesign the packaging for one thing. I understand exactly why they have the Jedi Master Points, I just think it's lazy of them not to actually use them. (just like they didn't use them for the POTJ line)
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