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    Lightbulb Why not more army kits from Hasbro... (just included pic)

    I've just ordered the Stormtrooper 10 figure build them yourself...
    Cannot wait...

    Now why does'nt hasbro make more of these...
    Heres a list of what I would buy...

    Episode 1
    Pit Droids
    Destroyer Droids
    Various R2 units

    Biker Scouts

    Clone troopers (Red ones only for me)
    Royal Guards

    Damn man they'll probably sell more and save more money from producing packaging...
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    I've just ordered the Stormtrooper 10 figure build them yourself...

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    I think the red clones are NCOs or officers and the plain white ones are privates or HRUNTS!!!!!! (grunts)

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    This is the first I've heard of it. Something about ordering figures in pieces doesn't seem
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    It looks like somebody went to TRU, bought all the Commtech Stormie's, and split them apart. I'd rather have the 10 original sonic-welded figures.
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    Hey it's cheap for both us the buyers and Hasbro...

    They probably had thousands lift from production, and with the assemble and packaging would of costed them a bit... SO they've probably decided to sell them like that...

    I think this is a brillant idea... Dammit Hasbro should make Destroyer Droids... We need them to wack the JEdi's...

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    Well, I just checked out the site selling this set. I don't read that particular language (German?), but since this is the first I've heard of it, I'm a bit suspicious.

    I don't think Hasbro had anything to do with this. Seems the company just got a bunch of pieces and are now offering them as sets. Why they wouldn't be already built is beyond me.
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    If you go on the main page it has a tab for the English version, on the top right below the banner...

    This site is porbably the best in StarWars goods for us Europeans...

    Why they would'nt be built, many saved form glue and assemble... or maybe the new assemble machines are already for the 2002 toys production only...

    This is not the first... Already 2 years ago.... Hasbro did this with the Dewback Sandtrooper, which were sold in packs of five... although already put together... But with the back packs missing and cardless, as these were over produced figures short of Dewbacks produced...

    Rebelscum already had an article on this a while ago, and if I remember correct, they did mention it was done by Hasbro...

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    Hey you should get some Clone Trooper figures and take them apart then try a possible kit-bash using those Trooper bodies.

    How much did the 10-pack of Troopers cost?
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