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    Clonetrooper Speeder Bikes.

    Here's a pic of them,

    Look familiar?

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    This game looks like a Star Wars themed "Magic: the Gathering." Pretty lame in my opinion.

    Cool pics though.
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    Yet another subtle way of linking the prequels to OT. Good to see them, although they don't seem to have evolved much in the intervening years between eps 2 & 6.

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    Yeah, awesome pics; the spoiler dialogue is cool too.

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    Nice pics. Guess we'll be seeing some speeder bikes with very bow legged clones in toy stores at some point.

    And its one thing to have scout troopers with their large visors riding a speeder bike, but clonetroopers with those tiny T shaped visors? It'd have to be very tough.

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    Notice the Pod Racing on the screen in the Bar on one of the other cards, so I guess that's the Pod Racing in Ep2.

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    Yep, Booles Roor's podracer. And to the right, Nuna-ball. Don't know about the far right one...

    Pretty cool.
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    Don't know about the far right one...
    Looks like Destroyer Droids in the Arena to me. Strange.

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    Cool. There is rumor of a Deluxe CloneTrooper later this year. Would be cool if he came with the speeder bike. Hopefully they find a way to make the legs look good both standing and riding the bike.

    Something intresting that I noticed on the card for "Clone Platoon" is the quote. "They say Sifo-Dyas placed the order for the clones almost 10 years ago. I was under the impression that he was killed before that." Before we thought that Sidious was using a fake name, to order the clones. But now, according to the quote there really used to be a Sifo-Dyas.

    Is it possible that Sidious was once Sifo-Dyas, and studied the sith holocron to much, and was corrupted by it? That he may have started to get delusions of power. So perhaps he faked his death and went into hiding, trained Maul, and began his plot for power? Then after his plans were ready, with a new guise and name Sidious, he resurfaced many many years later?

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    That certainly would be an interesting twist Binksboy.
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