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    Everyone is right,you don't need alot of skill just practice.I to have problems with the boil and pop like with the heads.May one out of two come off the way they should.When one of neck pegs breaks off I use a small nail,cut the head off the nail,sometimes drill the holes or I just heat the nail and push it in then use superglue to hold the nail in place.I also leave the head alone without the superglue which allows me to which heads if I want.All that really matters is that you enjoy what you are doing and that you are happy with what you have,don't worry if no-one likes or dislikes it , becuse its yours not theirs.
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    boil and pop

    if you are just starting out in customizing, you might try prying the halves of the upper torso appart with a tiny slot screwdriver. this has been very productive for me. what i do is stick the screwdriver between the upper and lower torso(on the backside of the figure so it's not so noticable) and pry downward. this ussually pops the pieces apart pretty clean. the screwdrivers i use come in a package of 5 to 7 pieces at most $stores. as far as paint goes, the enamel works good on the torsos as they are made from a different type of plastic. for the heads arms and legs, i will put them in a boiling dye bath which soaks into the plastic as opposed to just covering it. but, customizing is art not science so you are the only one that has to be pleased with it. please forgive me if this information is just a repeat of what you fine people have already posted. ive enjoyed reading yalls info and thought i might could share some as well. please also excuse my spelling and grammitcal errors as well as my lack of punctuation and capitallization. ive been out of school for 11 years now and cant remember didly about writing.
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    Re: Does anyone customize anymore?

    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    Does anyone customize anymore?
    I have/ do make small changes to figures every once and again but I just like to look at peoples good work that you guys do
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    I've only recently sussed out how to boil and pop and found that water off the boil is best but you have to work quickly as the water cools fast! However, I'm not interested in making any figures that come from the movies or EU. I like to make up my own characters and aliens. I'm working on the crew of a deep space freighter at the moment. Big fat captain, dashing hero type smuggler, Twi'Lek female, Twi'Lek male mechanic, rough diamond type smuggler. I'm looking to add a Trandoshan and Ithorian to the crew so I'm having loads of fun butchering old figures to get the parts I want. Left over bits I use for more serious customisations. I'm using the head of the Luke that came with the skiff to put on the body of captain panaka so i have more than one Naboo security captain. If you mix enamel paints right they don't go sticky. Gloss and matt misxed together give a nice satiny finish like plastic. More than one coat of paint applied very thinly are better than one thick coat. Invest in fine paintbrushes, the least skill looks good when good brushes are used.
    Don't be scared to experiment. try out ideas on really cheap figures bought in thrift stores if you don't want to mess up your star wars figures. Once you learn how to do the boil and pop and the glue and paint bits, try a star wars customisation. It's the best fun to be had on your own using your hands.....!

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    Jargo,like you I to like making my own figures.Most are Jedis with a few dark Jedis. One I like the best is a Wookie[no name as of yet],I painted him grey with tan and black streaks.He turned out really nice.He stands out from the other wookies which is what I like about him. I have also really got into lightsaber making.I'm waiting on a order from Plastuct with the clear rods to begin making more realistic sabers. For now I'm using some plastic party picks which looks pretty good.
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    Talking I Do!

    My current creation is a Saurin from the cantina. Actually most of the work was done for me.

    I bought a custom Ponda Boba from ebay. He had a Garindan body & Ponda Boba head, hands and vest.

    I popped the Ponda head and replaced it w/ a Bossk head...instant Saurin. I'll post a pic soon.
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