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    Wanted figures (always a fun subject)

    I know there have been a million posts about this, but I really enjoy seeing what figures people want made. Let's say you could pick 3 figures from each movie, what would they be?

    Mine are:

    ANH: 1 Owen Lars w/Moisture Vaporator
    2 Saurin (those Bossk looking Cantina aliens)
    3 CZ-3 droid w/removable limbs

    ESB: 1 Princess Leia (Bespin gown)
    2 Toryn Farr
    3 General Reikien

    ROJ: 1 J'Quille (aka Toothface, aka my most wanted fig ever!)
    2 Yarna d'al Gargan (my second runner up)
    3 Weequay Skiff Master

    TPM: 1 Daulty Dofine
    2 Tey How
    3 Orange Handmaidens

    AOTC: (from what i've seen from the trailers, i know there'll be better ones in the actual movie)

    1 Sly Moore (Palpatine's aide)
    2 Tikkes
    3 Aqualish senator (can't remember his name)

    So these are mine, anybody else?
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    I'll play your game. Lets see,

    1. R1-G4
    2. Capt Antilles
    3. CZ-3

    1. General Reikien
    2. An Imperial Officer (Admiral Ozzel, maybe)
    3. Hoth Rebel Deck Officer

    1. Imperial Dignatary
    2. Sail Barge R2-D2 - Bartender rack and launching saber.
    3. I was going to say Holographic Luke (like we need another Luke), but I think I'll say J'Quille.

    I don't know, make some R2 units
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    Hmmm, hard to really pick just three, since there are tons that I want, but let's see what we have here:

    General Jan Dodonna

    Dengar w/ Backpack
    General Carlist Reikeen
    Princess Leia: Bespin Gown

    Darth Vader (Deluxe) w/ Removable Helmet
    R2-D2: Jabba's Bartender
    Yarna d'al Gargan

    Daulty Dofine
    Graga: Chupa Vendor
    Kitster and Wald (2-pack)

    Jar Jar Binks: Gungan Senator (Trailer robes with fancy epaulets)
    Poggle the Lesser
    Sly Moore

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    ANH: Tonnika Sisters
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    I suppose I could contribute...

    Mine are:

    1 R1-G4
    2 General Jan Dodonna
    3 CZ-3

    1 Princess Leia (Bespin gown)
    2 General Rieekan
    3 Admiral Ozzel

    1 Yarna d'al Gargan
    2 General Crix Madine
    3 J'Quille

    1 Handmaidens (preferably the orange ones)
    2 Daulty Dofine
    3 Tey How
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    ROTJ: Moff Jerjerrod
    All the others I want have been mentioned already, but everyone forgets Jerjerrod!
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    Hmm . . . AOTC:
    Bail Organa
    Cliegg Lars
    Barris Offee

    "T headed" green alien at the beginning of the cantina scene

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    Nute Gunray
    Gilramos Libkath
    Poggle the Lesser
    Passel Argente
    Clonetrooper Child (with teaching headset)


    Pilot Battle Droid
    PK Droid 2 pack (with BD parts)
    Tey How
    Daultry Dofine
    Neimodian Senate Mem.
    Gungan Scout
    Gungan Council Mem.
    Yarael Poof
    The Rest of the Jedi Council Mems.


    Imperial Probe Droid (tons of articulation like FX-7 and with launch pod)

    Yeah you said only 3 though I could resist.
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    1) Dodonna
    2) U-3PO since TC14 is impossible to find
    3) more pilots ie: Theron Nett, Tiree, Dutch, Pops, Red Leader.. etc.

    1) Reiken
    2) Zev
    3) Admiral Ozzel

    1) Moff Jerrjerod
    2) a REAL b-wing pilot remake, that IS NOT a sullustan
    3) Crix Madine

    1) Officer Ellberger (female bravo pilot)
    2) Yarael Poof
    3) Oppo Rancis

    AOTC: so far I have. jango, little boba, obi wan, Kit fisto, and amidala, haha, got them at walmart but i want them to make..
    1) more jedi
    2) Bail Organa
    3) already want a Mace Resculpt, i hate the wide open mouth one..

    yep, those are my pics
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    I just got the June issue of ToyFare magazine. They actualy made a list of characters and ships they think need to be made and their comments. Keep in mind, these guys are smart @$$es:

    Crix Nadine: One bad haircut, one bad-*** Rebel commander. What's up, Hasbro?
    Owen and Aunt Beru's corpses: Sure, they made them...but their charred, skeltal remains would be a major variation!
    Jabba's Sail Barge: This huge vehicle deserves its own 3-3/4 inch toy...Jabba size it!
    Severed limbs pack: Star Wars is full of unplanned about a three-pack of Luke's hand, Ponda Baba's Arm and the Wampa's Furry Paw?
    General Rieekan: C'mon, these lame, one-scene aliens are getting figures before a speaking character?!
    General Veers: One with removeable helmet/chest armor and interghangeable hat!
    Major Derlin: See General Rieekan.
    Toryn Farr: Well...she got to say "Fire!" for the ion cannon in Empire. That's more than Ketwol ever did!
    CZ-3: This freaky-looking model of droid shows up a couple times in the trilogy...but no figure yet!
    Blockade Runner: THe first ship we saw in A New Hope never got an action figure-scale toy? Huh?

    It is a pretty good issue. Lots of EP2 pics.
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