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    Angry Bad Shuttle Tyderium News?

    Rebelscum is reporting the following, and I hope and pray that they are mistaken about how many are going to be produced, or alot of people are going to be missing out on this one, especially with the scalper situaton for exclusives.

    Shuttle Tyderium CONFIRMED
    Mike: Rebelscum has just received word from FAO Shwarz that the Imperial Shuttle has been given the green light and officially confirmed! The shuttle will be the Tyderium, the vehicle which the Rebels use to infiltrate the Endor Moon in Return of the Jedi. The pricepoint is $125 and limited to only 5000 pieces. The ship will also have NO pack-in figure and there are no details yet if electronics will be included. FAO informs us that stores were sent a memo to begin taking preorders today for a December release. Keep checking Rebelscum for updates!

    I did jump on the phone immediatly and call FAO about it, but the kind lady I spoke to, who checked with corporate headquarters for me said they have no information about the ship being avaliable, and as far as they know it hasn't been officially confirmed that they are getting it. She said that the best bet would be to check back in around September as that is when they would have more news. Ugh, damn panic attack....

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    2 questions...

    What is the differance between the various shuttles... ???

    And will it be based on the original mold from the ROTJ line back in 1883... ???

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    $125 dollars for a (most-likely) rehashed Imperial Shuttle?!It better be gold leafed and in a display case for that price.
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    That would seriously suck!!I haven't been to Westshore Mall in a long time but I believe they closed shop here in Tampa!!Not only that, but that price is totally unacceptable!!I say let the scalpers have them, I'd rather try molding the plastic myself first!!

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    Shuttle Tyderium is the name of the one that the Rebel Allience stole. The actual ship's name is a Imperial Lambda-class shuttle. I guess that is what your asking.

    As for the mold, it will most likely be the same. There will of course be some new tooling and paint application. No news so far if the electronics will be included.

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    as a colector my self but i have never had a Inperial Shuttle whats so bad about that ? i mean...... what where you Expecting?

    i think thats alot of monney for a moldied peace of Palstic that we all love to play around with.
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    What the hell!!
    The price is nuts and only 5000!!!
    I'm still planning on getting one just don't know how yet.
    P*%$ me off!!
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    I don't mind the price all that much, sure it's a bit higher then it should be, but we all knew when it was rumored for FAO that they were gonna stick it to collectors.

    What ticks me off is the news that they might make only 5000. What the hell is the deal with that? They better be limited to 1 per person or alot of us are going to miss out on this one.

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    try like nearly everyone if they don't.
    scalpers what?
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I think that FAO probably stated that they didn't want too many made because after all they got stuck with TONS of Faambas that were clearanced down to $30. 5,000 doesn't seem like a whole lot. Plus $125, for plastic. Come on now. The original sold for around $30, what's with the almost $100 mark up for the same mold. Stupid if you ask me. I for one refuse to pay for something that expensive. I'd rather mold my own from melted model parts, which I could at least then make to scale instead of these scaled down vehicles that we always get.

    I hate exclusives!!!!!!!!!!!
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