I'm not going to condone breaking any copyright laws here...

....however, does anyone have the knowledge on what materials one might need if they hypothetically wanted to create armies from homemade molds.

Follow me on this...I presume that you take some kind of clay compound, and if you make an impression of a figure, say, a Stormtrooper, then you could theoretically pour your own gooey plastic substance into the mold and...poof! another Stormtrooper. Of course, the downside is that besides the trimming and smoothing, you'd have to paint him, and there would be no articulation whatsoever...but, the point is, with supplies of certain figures limited by the producing company itself, building a sufficient army for, say, the Emperor's Arrival scene, is essentially impossible. These facsimiles would be more than adequate to form rows and rows of Stormtroopers of many flavors standing at attention.

I don't believe that this would be infringing on any rights as such because a) you're not selling them, b) they're not really true copies of the articulated official versions, and c) even if you wanted to pay for them legitimately, you couldn't, because they just aren't out there. That's Hasbro's fault for not creating an adequate supply when the demand is out there.

Soooo, hypothetically, are there any chemists out there who would know how to implement this plan?