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    Wal-Mart TIE Bomber/Snowspeeder Availability?

    I have yet to find any TIE Bombers or Snowspeeders at any of the local OC, CA Wal-Marts and have noticed that most of the listings for these items on eBay claim that they are limited to only 5000+ pieces of each.
    I am wondering if this is truthful, or just a scam by all those bastard scalpers.
    Has anyone heard anything "official" from Hasbro and/or Wal-Mart regarding the quantities of these vehicles?
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    This thread should really be in the Power of the Jedi forum. The comments/suggestions forum is meant more for comments and suggestions about this website.

    As for your question, I would estimate that these Wal-Mart exclusives will be about as limited as the Target exclusive ships. So I wouldn't want to wait too long to pick these up. As for why you can't find them, most of the Wal-Mart employees are ignorant. They believe that the ships are part of the Episode II (Saga) line. So most of them won't put the ships out until April 23rd.

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    My Wal-Marts around here have a lot of these vehicles!!!!

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    Didn't show up in Louisville till 4/23 and when they did there were only three of each. Wmployee told me there should be more on the way. Happy Hunting
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    My super WM only had 2 Snowspeeders & about 5 TIE Bombers

    Needless to say I picked up a snowspeeder & am going back tonight to get the TIE

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    I friend of mine found the only snowspeeder that I've seen in my area, and it looked like someone had used it as a football.

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    at the Wal*Mart here in Augusta, they had 8 of each, total. 2 of each were bought right off the bat, and the following moring, there 4 Speeders left, and 5 Bombers left. :-|

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    It seemed the Bomber and Snowspeeder cleared the shelves first during the 4/23 EpII sale. That was the first priority on my list, before getting any EpII figures, and sure enough, since they didn't have either of the vehicles and my $$$ was burning a hole in wallet, I had to get a couple of figs. When I went today to check out the selection, I saw that there were 2 Snowspeeders and 0 Bombers. I grabbed the Speeder this time, hoping the Tie Bomber will be back when I get some more money (hopefully soon)
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    At the Wal-Mart near me didn't put them out til 4/23 with the rest of the EPII stuff. I was picking up figures when I spotted the bomber. I put down the figures and took home the bomber and glad I did. They only had 3 out and was gone the next day.
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    I found mine at the end of the week of 4/23. It was hidden behind a bunch of swimming pools near the toys section. I bet that guy is wishing he would have bought it or hidden it better! I haven't seen one since.
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